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Monday, April 6, 2015

No guns allowed at NRA convention and other gun hypocrisy

You might want to read my latest post at the other site where I am now blogging. Check it out: http://commongunsense.me/2015/04/06/no-guns-allowed-at-nra-convention-and-other-gun-hypocrisy/

I write about the hypocrisy of the good guys with guns story told by the gun rights advocates and why they don't want guns in the upcoming NRA convention as well as at NRA headquarters in Virginia. But they do want guns everywhere else where the rest of us don't want them.

Also I cited a bunch of idiotic and deadly stories of "good guys" with guns killing and injuring others in the past week or so. These shootings don't fit with the talking points of the corporate gun lobby.

And finally there is a list of recent shootings with the reasons why people shot other people. Stunning really. Check it out : http://commongunsense.me/2015/04/06/no-guns-allowed-at-nra-convention-and-other-gun-hypocrisy/

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