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Friday, April 10, 2015

It's no accident that the NRA ignores "accidental" shootings

You might want to check out my new post here on my other blogging site. I write about all of the "accidental" gun discharges, most by young children, that are ignored by the NRA. As the annual NRA convention convenes in Nashville this week-end it will be interesting to see if any mention is made of this national and tragic epidemic. In addition, national attention will be paid to the convention this year because of recent passages of extreme gun bills, many in the state of Tennessee and because of recent shootings. As always, the speakers will rev up the crowd with incendiary rhetoric about all of the awful and frightening things out there that should cause them to run out and purchase their guns for self protection. And speakers like Ted Nugent are always good for a laugh and some great quote lines. He's rude, offensive and often very graphic in his words about guns, President Obama and other terrible things going on in America, according to him.

So again, check out what I wrote at my new blogging site.

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