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I hope this blog will provoke some thoughtful reflection about the issue of guns and gun violence. I am passionate about the issue and would love to change some misperceptions and the culture of gun violence in America by sharing with readers words, photos, videos and clips from articles to promote common sense about gun issues. Many of you will agree with me- some will not. I am only one person but one among many who think it's time to do something about this national problem. The views expressed by me in this blog do not represent any group with which I am associated but are rather my own personal opinions and thoughts.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

In memory of Sarah Brady

Yesterday Sarah Brady died. She was an iconic leader in the area of gun violence prevention advocacy. I worked with Sarah Brady to finish the job to require background checks on all gun sales. She was tireless in her advocacy and worked right up to the end of her life on an issue so important to her. Please read my post on Sarah Brady at http://commongunsense.me/2015/04/04/in-memory-of-sarah-brady/.

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