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Friday, September 20, 2013

Conceal carry permit holders kill each other and other gun nonsense

Whoever gets his/her gun out first is the winner. If someone annoys you, get out your gun. Just shoot first and ask questions later. It's that simple. Consequences? Real people die and then families and friends grieve. When a gun is present, it just might get used in a moment of rage. And when it's over, it's too late. In this case, 2 Michigan permit holders killed each other. Say it with me now- STUPID AND DANGEROUS. From the article:
"Two drivers are dead after a road rage incident escalated into a shootout. The incident happened around 6:45 p.m. Wednesday on M-66 near Steele Street.
Witnesses tell WZZM 13 one driver was following another driver too closely. The first driver pulled into the Wonder Wand Car Wash parking lot and the other driver followed him into the lot.
Witnesses say the driver of the following car fired shots, and the first driver returned fire. Both drivers were shot and killed. Authorities say both men had licenses to carry concealed weapons."
The more guns we have, the less safe we are. The more guns carried in public, the more shootings will happen. It's inevitable. We are now seeing the results of loosening our gun laws. Remember when the corporate gun lobby, who came into almost every state of the country to loosen our conceal carry laws, said that people needed to carry their guns in public for self protection? I do. It's just not working out that way. There is actual blood running in our streets, our workplaces, our schools, shopping malls, restaurants and other places where people gather. So now we have permit holders defending themselves from other permit holders. Crazy.

A good many of the daily shootings in America are executed by "law abiding" gun owners. They were law abiding until suddenly they weren't. Take the Navy Yard shooter. He was a "law abiding" gun owner because he wasn't prevented from legally carrying a gun or buying a gun. He shouldn't have had a gun but he did.

The incident above is a reminder to us that when a gun is available, it often gets used to settle a difference that should not end up in death. It is also a "poster child" for what's wrong with our gun culture.

The Navy Yard shooting raises lots of questions about our background check system and our system of granting permits to carry guns, as it should.

Road rage should not result in 2 gun owners shooting it out in a parking lot. We may be turning into the "Wild West" after all.

On to the next example of the American gun culture gone wrong- What should we think about this law abiding gun owner? He told his son to lie about shooting his sister in the face:
A Wisconsin dad is under fire for allegedly telling his 6-year-old son to lie about shooting his 4-year-old sister in the face.
The incident happened Aug. 30 in Alma, Wis., when the boy allegedly found a loaded shotgun and pointed it at the girl. The gun discharged, striking the girl in the right side of her head, WKBT reported.
The girl's injuries were deemed non-life-threatening, but on Monday investigators charged the father, Fred Maphis, with leaving a loaded firearm near a child and obstructing an officer by telling the son to lie about the shooting, the LaCrosse Tribune reported. (...) 
The boy's mother told investigators that her son had been trained to use firearms since he was 3 and even had his own .22 caliber rifle that he was allowed to shoot with adult supervision, RawStory.com reported.
Maphis insisted that he had just forgotten to unload and secure the shotgun.
This bears repeating: "...her son had been trained to use firearms since he was 3 and even had his own .22 caliber rifle...." Three? I have grandchildren. I have a 3 year old grandson. I can't even begin to wrap my head around the idea that his parents would train him to shoot a real gun. Something is wrong in America. Three year olds should not be shooting real guns. This is an American gun culture gone wrong. Until we understand that guns don't make us safer and that little children should not be around or access real guns, we will continue to see incidents like this one. Check out Kid Shootings. Does anyone remember the 5 year old Kentucky boy who was "playing" with his child sized real gun when he shot and killed his 2 year old sister? I do.

Little kids play. That's what they like to do. Often, especially little boys, play at shooting things even if they don't have a gun. They point their fingers, they use sticks or whatever is available, as they play. I don't know where this comes from. There seems to be something inherent in our culture that influences mostly boys to think they need to aim something at a target and "shoot" it. So giving a child, who can't make the adult type decisions about what's real and what isn't, they will naturally think a gun is something to "play" with. They see their parents "playing" with guns and using them for recreation. Why not? But little kids don't have the common sense to think through that that actual gun is not a play thing and may kill an actual person.

The thing is- if little kids and even teens emulate adults, they may end up like the 2 Michigan men in the incident above. Those guys didn't have any common sense either. They had their guns and they used them when they got annoyed. Surely we are better than this. We need to think through what we are doing as a country. What is happening now is just not working. It's time for a change. Let's get to work.


  1. "Whoever gets his/her gun out first is the winner. If someone annoys you, get out your gun. Just shoot first and ask questions later."

    Actually, one of these men had a reason to shoot since he would be acting in self defense. The alternative would have been the aggressor shooting an unarmed man.

    "Pullum and Taylor both had permits to carry concealed weapons, and police have not revealed how they believe the dispute started or who was the aggressor in the fatal shootings."

    1. Totally missing my point, Mark. Without the first law abiding gun owner with a gun, the 2nd guy wouldn't have had a need to fire. This is just another excuse to carry a gun. The first guy was not a criminal lurking. He was another law abiding permit holder. Now we have people with permits defending themselves against other people with permits?? Sick.

  2. Dear readers,

    I do not publish "Unknown" or anonymous comments but this one just made me laugh. I am quoting " @Japete unfortunately, in this case it would not necessarily have mattered that they had Concealed Carry permits. In many states, Louisiana or Georgia for instance, your car is considered an extension of your home and you are allowed to legally carry a loaded and ready firearm in it if you are not prohibited from owning one. In other words, anyone who can buy a gun can legally carry it in their vehicle with no permit whatsoever. Ironically, you really don't hear stories like this one down here in bayou country. "

    So I take it that means you think it's OK for these guys to have killed each other. What difference does it make whether they had permits or not. They killed each other. You just don't want them to have been conceal carry permit holders because it makes you all look bad. Further, I don't believe Michigan is a state that allows people to carry without permits.

    1. Actually it's the other way around. Michigan allows open carry with no permit, but you need a carry permit to have it in a vehicle.


  3. Dear readers,

    I do no publish threatening comments. If they continue, they will be reported. I know IP addresses. Thank you.

  4. Yeah. Lets have some more gun control cause it works so well. http://xfinity.comcast.net/articles/news-general/20130920/US--Chicago.Violence/

    BTW -- how come you haven't highlighted this case?

    1. Haven't had time, Robin. There are so many mass shootings in American it's hard to cover them all. There has been a change to gun laws in Chicago and Illinois. The ban on handguns was overturned by the Supreme Court in the McDonald case and Illinois now has more people legally carrying guns around in public because of it's loosened conceal and carry law. Chicago has a problem with gun violence as do most major cities. Oddly, though you guys love to claim Chicago is worse than others, it is not.


      "Both Chicago and New York City have been effective in preventing a substantial number of firearms that originate in those cities from being used in crime. The city of Chicago does not have any gun stores, although numerous firearms stores operate in the suburbs. In New York City, more than 85 percent of firearms recovered at crime scenes originate from outside of New York state.

      Instead, Chicago and New York City crime guns primarily originate from places with weaker gun laws including both intrastate jurisdictions with weaker gun laws and other states with lax gun regulation. New York City and Chicago, however, display significantly different firearms trafficking patterns. In 2011, the latest year of trace data released by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Tobacco (ATF), firearms recovered in crimes were trafficked into Chicago at a per capita rate over four and a half times higher than in New York. In New York City, which has a population of 8.2 million, there were 3,980 recoveries, whereas Chicago with a population of 2.7 million had 6,023 recoveries.

      Two factors place Chicago at a disadvantage to New York City in terms of gun trafficking. Although both states rank within the top 10 in terms of strongest gun laws in the country, Illinois' laws are comparatively weaker than firearms laws in New York.

      Furthermore, an analysis of ATF trace data by the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence determined that states with weak gun laws export crime guns at a per capita rate nine times higher than states with strong gun laws. Given that proximity is an additional factor in firearms trafficking, it should come as no surprise that the states that surround Illinois typically have weaker gun laws than the states that surround New York:"

      Also check this one out about how major cities compare as to gun deaths per 100,000. Chicago is not at the top-

  5. "Illinois now has more people legally carrying guns around in public because of it's loosened conceal and carry law."

    Really? When did they start issuing those permits? Cause I didn't think that even one had been issued yet. Last I knew if you had a gun in Chicago you could go to jail for life for taking it out of your house.

    The guns can't be coming from places with weaker laws. That would be illegal. We have laws against that and criminals almost never break the laws unless they do.

    That graphic at the link you sent has already been shown to be highly inaccurate. I know that doesn't matter because it shows what you want it to show but others might care.

    1. Illinois conceal carry won't go into effect until 2014. You are right. I have not seen anywhere credible that the graphic is incorrect. You will have to send me a link with proof.