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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Fodder for "gun control lobbyists"

from http://tpmmuckraker.talkingpointsmemo.com/
I have been working on some other posts but this article was sent to me today by a gun owner and hunter who has worked alongside of the many "gun control lobbyists" in the state and the country. Some days it's hard to know where to start writing because the gun rights extremists provide us "gun control lobbyists" with so much fodder. But let's look at the article my friend sent to me ( linked above) :
"Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) on Wednesday called on Zombie Industries, the California-based maker of “life-sized tactical mannequin” targets that are painted to look like “zombies," to stop selling a new model mannequin called the "Gun Control Lobbyist." 
“This representation is incredibly offensive to both to the victims of gun violence and to the dedicated people who advocate for gun violence prevention, many of whom have lost loved ones to guns or are survivors themselves,” Murphy wrote in a letter to Zombie Industries CEO Roger Davis. 
On Tuesday, gun control advocate and Virginia Tech shooting survivor Colin Goddard criticized the company for including a picture in which he appears in a promotional image for the mannequin. "
Senator Murphy is right. Thanks to him for writing his letter ( from the article):
Dear Mr. Davis,

I am contacting you today to ask that you immediately end the sale of your “Gun Control Lobbyist” shooting target. This representation is incredibly offensive to both the victims of gun violence and the dedicated people who advocate for gun violence prevention, many of whom have lost loved ones to guns or are survivors themselves.

The creation of this product, in addition to the description you are using to sell it, indicate an utter lack of awareness on the part of your company for what is going on in our country today. Last December, I sat in the firehouse in Newtown, Connecticut, as parents held their breath and waited to find out the fates of their young sons and daughters. In the six months since that terrible day, I have spoken with these parents and so many other advocates for gun violence prevention—again, many of whom have been shot themselves—about the need for a change in the way our society views gun violence. These people have suffered in a way that is difficult for anyone to internalize, and their losses are impossible to truly understand. To trivialize these experiences and attempt to portray such knowledgeable, passionate people as villains is a shameless and despicable ploy to make a few bucks.

Moreover, the text on your website alongside this target describes a character that could not be further from any of the people I have heard from over the past six months. The dedicated people who have come to share their experiences with me have been well-informed, open-minded, patriotic people who are interested in finding real solutions to the serious problems facing our country today. What’s more – even if the description posted on your website was a wholly accurate representation of any person, would that make them worthy of being violently shot, as your website implies?

I believe that your company has made a gross error in judgment by reducing an important national conversation to violent imagery and an opportunity for a cheap sale. I hope you will recognize this offensive mistake and remove this product from the market immediately.


Christopher S. Murphy
United States Senator
I suppose Senator Murphy will be the next zombie mannequin made by the company and surely he will be the victim of the wrath of the gun rights extremists for having been bold enough to write this letter. How would the gun rights lobbyists feel if the "gun control lobbyists" asked Zombie Industries to make a mannequin that was labeled "gun rights lobbyist"? It's just fine for these folks to make incendiary and dangerous comments and mannequins meant to represent those of us working hard to save lives. But when it comes to any criticisms of themselves, they whine and turn themselves into victims. All you have to do is listen to Wayne LaPierre or read letters that come from U.S. Congress members to know that is true.

This zombie mannequin targets people like me and other victims who lobby for common sense gun laws. Further, the corporate gun lobby hates victims. That has become painfully obvious to me and others over the years. So Zombie Industries is using an ad to promote these mannequins which includes a photo of Colin Goddard, survivor of Virginia Tech and now a "gun control lobbyist" for the Brady Campaign. From another article about Goddard's response to the ad:
A gun control advocate and Virginia Tech shooting survivor is not amused that he appears in an image created by Zombie Industries, the maker of “life-sized tactical mannequin” targets painted to look like “zombies.”
“Hey @ZombieInd would u remove pic w/me off your ad 4 ‘Gun Control Lobbyist’ shooing (sic) targets pls? Already been shot…,” Colin Goddard wrote on Twitter on Tuesday.
Goddard was shot four times during the Virginia Tech massacre in 2007, and currently works at Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. The image he referred to on Twitter appears on Zombie Industries’ Facebook page. He appears in an image set behind the company’s new “Gun Control Lobbyist” target, which, as the company likes to brag, “bleeds when shot.”
Goddard also wrote about the image on Facebook, according to Buzzfeed.
“While I advocate for criminal background checks on all gun sales (which +90% of America supports), I really don’t appreciate this marketing strategy by a few seeking to profit off our efforts to reduce a public health crisis that affects all of us,” Goddard wrote. “‘Bleeds when shot’… been there already, no thanks assholes.”
The criticism from Goddard may not have much of an impact. Zombie Industries has relished the media attention it has received since it was asked to take down an Obama-esque target mannequin from a sales booth during the National Rifle Association’s convention in Houston in May. It has since debuted two new attention-seeking mannequins: one is the gun control lobbyist, the other appears to refer to Rev. Al Sharpton, the civil rights activist and current MSNBC host.



Potentially dangerous.


"Relished the media attention"?

There's more fodder. A friend shared an e-mail with me from Congressman Steve Stockman after he got himself onto a list of people registering for a free AR-15 just to see what would happen. The linked article above refers to the e-mail and what Rep. Stockman thinks about gun rights:
Stockman employed a similar tactic last month by advertising an AR-15 giveaway on Twitter, inviting readers to "grab this gun before Obama does!"
An outspoken Second Amendment supporter, Stockman is also known for promoting a bumper sticker that read, “If babies had guns they wouldn’t be aborted”. He wrote an open letter earlier this year inviting all gun owners to move to Texas, so their "rights will not be infringed upon."
Raise your hand if you think that babies with guns is a good idea. I don't even know what to say about that one. But I digress. Here is the e-mail my friend received:
"Dear Patriot,

The battle lines are being drawn and it’s time for you to CHOOSE YOUR FLAG.

Red, white and blue?

Or UN blue?

As you read this letter, liberal bureaucrats at all levels of government are secretly planning an all-out assault on our God-given right to bear arms.

Even more shocking… our very own American government is working side-by-side with these international elites to destroy our Second Amendment rights, rights our Founding Fathers fought and died to protect.

My friend, the unspeakable mass murders committed by deranged killers in Aurora, Colorado and the Sandy Hook school in Connecticut left us all feeling shocked and saddened.

But predictably, the far-left, led by President Obama, are using this "crisis" to try and disarm Americans.  You and I know this would lead to more violence on unarmed citizens.

I need your help to stop Obama’s gun grab.

If you value your freedom, this is not a fight you can sit out.

If you shrug your shoulders and walk away, the liberals will breathe a huge sigh of relief.  They’ll know they can carry on quietly implementing their scheme … until one tragic day, you and I will wake up in an America we hardly recognize.

An America where our guns, our lawful private property, will be inspected and confiscated by international bureaucrats.

And we cannot even look to our own American government to protect us from this assault on our rights!

President Obama’s State Department – stuffed full of conniving collaborators who secretly hope for the U.N. to trash our Constitution, are ready to approve this treaty. And the U.S. Senate, controlled by gun grabbers like John Kerry and Barbara Boxer, is all too willing to go along.

Shocking Report: Gun Rights under Attack

My friend, our Second Amendment rights are being threatened by a two-pronged attack from the gun grabbers.

1)   At the international level, bureaucrats are trying to force-feed their “Small Arms Treaty” down the throats of proud American gun owners.

2)   At the local level, several state governments have passed so-called “Emergency Powers” laws.  They sound like something from a Hollywood thriller: these laws allow state governments to BAN privately-held weapons in the event of an emergency.  And you can be sure liberals will use these laws to realize their dream of an America where free citizens are stripped of their right to protect themselves, dependent on big government to help them.

Florida, Washington, and other states have already passed Emergency Powers bills.  And if we allow them to stand, more states will get in on the act.

I have introduced numerous bill to not just defeat gun grab scheme, but to restore your Second Amendment rights.

And in return Obama, and even the Republican establishment, have targeted me for defeat.

In fact, my inside sources tell me they’ve already found an anti-gun candidate to run against me...

...in the Republican primary...

...by falsely claiming to be pro-gun.

We’ve seen this “Trojan horse” scam work before.

Now they want to use it to defeat me.

My friend, the stakes are so high in this battle that I hope you will consider rushing back a gift of at least $10 to help me.

We face an army of out-of-touch bureaucrats, international elites, and gun-grabbing lawyers … and all of them well-funded by taxpayers’ money.

I rely on the patriotic support of Americans.

Your sacrificial gift of $2500, $1000, $500, $250, $100, $50, $25 or just $10 will sweep away their plan to destroy the Second Amendment.  Just go here to chip in $10 or more.

I know I am asking a lot.  I know I am asking you to sacrifice.  But I have faith that you have the courage for the fight that is to come.

If we fail, our Republic will be stripped of its last line of defense against tyrannical government, and our children will be reduced to slaves.

But with your support, we can succeed.  And you can one day look into the eyes of your children and grandchildren and declare that you did your part defending freedom.

Please don’t leave me to fight Obama alone. 

Please go here and rush back your best gift possible today.  Thank you.

                               For Liberty,

                               Steve Stockman (R-TX)
                               United States Congressman

P.S. This is not a drill.  Our Second Amendment rights are caught in a pincer movement between despicable U.N. bureaucrats and state governments right here in America.  Using their “Small Arms” treaty, and new “Emergency Powers” bills, they are plotting to rob us of our right to bear arms and reduce free American citizens to slaves.

I’m working to stop it.  That’s why Obama and even the Republican establishment have targeted me for defeat.

Please go here right now to chip in $10 or more to keep me in Congress so I can defeat their gun-grabbing schemes."

"An army of out of touch bureaucrats"? You just can't make this stuff up.

The "gun control lobbyist" mannequin goes too far- way too far. Congressman Steve Stockman goes way too far. They are ramping up fear and paranoia and encouraging violence. If you look closely at the ad from Zombie Industries, you will also see pictured Brady Campaign President Dan Gross. What does this mean? Are the gun rights lobbyists gunning for "gun control lobbyists" who are only trying to save lives? This nonsense makes all or most reasonable gun owners and NRA members who support universal background checks and other measures to prevent gun violence look bad. That is what my friend fears. He wrote that this kind of stuff not only makes the gun rights lobbyists look bad, but it gives people like him a bad name. He also wrote this to me: " I don't need, nor do I want, these goons representing me or my rights! " Indeed. Where is common sense?


  1. There are really sometimes I really wish I had been in UNFICYP or UNPROFOR.

    The only reason that the UN Blue flag would arrive in the US would be if society was in such disarray due to domestic instability that external peacekeepers were necessary to establish stability. That sort of situation would come about because of people like Rep. Stockman waging war on their own government and destroying the rule of law. Here is the Official UN Peacekeeper's webpage.

    I think that Sotckman is making it cleear that (1) he is no patriot and (2) he would bring the UN blue flag to the US.

    Just imagine Pakistani and Malaysian troops coming to the rescue the way they did during the Battle for Mogadishu if Stockman has his way.

  2. OK, I have never been a part of a UN Peacekeeping force, but I have known people who were.

    No, UN Peacekeeping mission don't just "invade" a nation. This is extreme right wing BS.

    UN Peacekeepers provide security as well as the political and peacebuilding support to help countries make the difficult, early transition from conflict to peace.

    UN Peacekeeping is guided by three basic principles:

    - Consent of the parties;
    - Impartiality;
    - Non-use of force except in self-defence and defence of the mandate.

    A number of steps have to happen before that decision is reached.

    As a conflict develops, worsens, or approaches resolution, the UN is frequently involved in a number of consultations to determine the best response by the international community. These consultations would likely involve:

    -- All relevant United Nations actors
    -- The potential host government and the parties on the ground
    -- Member States, including States that might contribute troops and police to a peacekeeping operation
    -- Regional and other intergovernmental organizations
    -- Other relevant key external partners

    During this initial phase the UN Secretary-General may request a strategic assessment to identify all possible options for UN engagement. There is then the technical assessment mission to the country or territory where the deployment of a UN Peacekeeping operation is envisaged. The assessment mission analyzes and assesses the overall security, political, military, humanitarian and human rights situation on the ground, and its implications for a possible operation. Based on the findings and recommendations of the assessment mission, the UN Secretary-General will issue a report to the Security Council. This report will present options for the establishment of a peacekeeping operation as appropriate including its size and resources. The report will also include financial implications and statement of preliminary estimated costs.

    Only if the Security Council determines that deploying a UN Peacekeeping operation is the most appropriate step to take, it will formally authorize this by adopting a resolution. The resolution sets out the operation’s mandate and size, and details the tasks it will be responsible for performing. The budget and resources are then subject to General Assembly approval.

    Even more importantly, The UN has no standing army or police force of its own, and Member States are asked to contribute military and police personnel required for each operation. Peacekeepers wear their countries’ uniform and are identified as UN Peacekeepers only by a UN blue helmet or beret and a badge. Any civilian staff of UN peacekeeping operations are international civil servants, recruited and deployed by the UN Secretariat.

    There is no standing UN army of professional, mercenary soldiers--the way the US hires military contractors such as XE.

    Stockman is engaging in some serious fear-mongering, but that is common to the "pro-gun side" as Wayne LaPierre incorrectly quoted FDR (saying it was Churchill and playing on US ignorance of history) "The only thing we have to fear is an absence of fear". Sounds like they are all a good customers of The Fear Monger’s Shop

    The Official UN explanation of the UN Peacekeeping mission.

  3. Did you notice what the zombie target and the Stockman letter have in common? Money. Follow the money. It's all about profiting from the gun guys' fear, paranoia, and love of violence.

  4. It is hard to tell which is more stupid - the highly inflammatory and deliberately disinformation from a member o Congress, or the people who are stupid enough to want to believe it, who never fact check this kind of insanity, who WANT to believe it is true.

    Seems to me that Rep. Stockman is engaging in treason and insurrection.

  5. Next time you are huddled with the families of Newtown... ask them why they voted to put armed guards in the schools AFTER the fact and if they dealt with the guilt of leaving the children defenseless before the attack, considering the average income of the parents of Sandy Hook.

    1. I only publish this comment to show my readers what some gun rights extremists actually think,.What the heck does the comment about the average income of the Sandy Hook parents mean? This comment is offensive and wrong. Roland will not be published again on this blog. I hope he can find another place to spew his hatred and lies.