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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Gun extremists on vivid display

You can't make this creepy stuff up. I wrote a recent post about the gun bullies managing to shut down articles on Ms. Magazine because of their vicious and demeaning comments on an article by my friend Heidi Yewman. Now these guys think it's amusing to produce a "zombie" that they call a "Bleeding Gun-Control Lobbyist" for target practice. From the article:
"A controversial California company that sells mannequin shooting targets has come out with two new products: a "Bleeding Gun-Control Lobbyist" and another that looks like it's based on MSNBC host Rev. Al Sharpton.
The company gained widespread attention after its President Obama-like mannequin target was removed from a sales booth during the National Rifle Association's convention in Houston last month, Talking Points Memo writes.
Zombie Industries produces "life-sized tactical mannequin" targets painted to look like zombies that "bleed" and become mutilated after being shot.
The company wrote up a story about how the gun-control lobbyist became a zombie.
"One night while headed home, our friend found himself face to face with a viscous Zombie," the company web site says. "Being that he believed firearms served no purpose in self-defense, he was unarmed and knew he set himself up for something worse than becoming a victim... he was about to become easy Zombie pray! The result was an Undead Gun Control Lobbyist Zombie that is just begging to be put down."
The Sharpton-like mannequin product description page says, "Poor Al he was a Sharp guy."
The company has a disclaimer saying all its products are works of fiction.
"Names, characters, stories, places and incidents are products of the author's imagination and are used fictitiously," the company web site says. "Any resemblance to actual persons (living or dead), events or locales is entirely coincidental.""

Right. And if you believe that I have a bridge to sell you. Here is the photo of the zombie from the the website of politix-topix.com:

I'm speechless except to say, where is common sense?


  1. Lighten up. It's all in good fun. . .

    It's never ceased to amaze me that there are so many (often statist liberals) who seem terrified and shocked that somewhere out there, there might be someone having a good time.

    1. If you think this is in good fun, there is something wrong with you. It's sick, twisted and disgusting. You would feel differently if it was my side of the issue shooting at targets with the words NRA on them. Go to another blog and have fun. I have no use for someone who thinks this is fun.

  2. Yet you have never commented on the Department of Homeland Security targets even though they were pointed out to you the last time you complained about tasteless targets. http://communities.washingtontimes.com/neighborhood/high-tide-and-turn/2013/feb/28/dhs-training-practice-targets-featuring-children-p/

    Don't you find those "sick, twisted and disgusting?"

    1. Perhaps you missed this line in the story? " However, the American people didn’t seem to concur, and the ensuing outcry resulted in LET withdrawing the targets from circulation."

      Read more: http://communities.washingtontimes.com/neighborhood/high-tide-and-turn/2013/feb/28/dhs-training-practice-targets-featuring-children-p/#ixzz2XWR1mbeZ
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      Will this company do the same if people object to the images they have chosen to use for citizens to shoot at? Though I agree with the public that the targets chosen above were a bad idea, it was law enforcement training- quite different from training for armed citizens who just might take out a gun control lobbyist.