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Thursday, May 17, 2012

What's the matter with Georgia?

Good grief. What is going on in Georgia? First this morning, a gunman, at first reported to have a machine gun, held the historic downtown area of Savannah hostage while he holed up in a restaurant. I would imagine some of the folks in the popular tourist area and restaurant almost choked on their Grits. What is going on? Why did people think the man had a machine gun? What kind of gun did he have? Why did he have a gun in the first place and what was he up to?
"According to Savannah-Chatham police Chief Willie Lovett, the incidents at the Olde Pink House restaurant in downtown Savannah and at a home on Milton Street started as a hostage situation last night.
“The intent was to get money,” Lovett said
A father and his 11-year-old son were held overnight by two gunmen. This morning, one of them took the father in his Jaguar with the father driving. As they were heading east on Broughton, the victim noticed a police officer outside Starbucks. (...)
“The victim yelled at the officer then jumped out of the car, “ Lovett said. “A shot was fired by the officer.”
Addressing the numerous rumors, Lovett said: “No one’s been shot, no one's been killed, and as of a short time ago both suspects are in custody."
Phew- that's a relief. And so far, in Atlanta, no one has yet to be shot by this guy, lying on the ground near a school bus stop near Atlanta aiming his rifle at a bus with children on board.
"The suspect raised the rifle to his shoulder as if he were preparing to shoot, and one of the men yelled out at him," Waller said. "While one man yelled and called police, the other man ran after him."
That's when the suspect pulled out a handgun and fired at the man running toward him. "He stopped, and the suspect dropped his rifle and took off," Waller said.
When police arrived on the scene, they found the loaded rifle along with a notebook filled with numbers.
Waller believes the groups of numbers in the notebook coincide with school buses that move through that area.
"It is a worry," said Waller. "We certainly don't want anybody to panic. But when somebody points a loaded rifle at a school bus, it's always a cause for great concern."
Indeed. When a lone gunman gets the crazy idea that he is going to shoot up a bunch of kids on a school bus, we have a problem. But when you have a gun culture where everyone has a gun and people are shooting each other every day, these things are getting to be almost "normal" occurrences. Except they aren't normal.  This one should send shivers up the spines of parents everywhere in this country. There's no telling when some nut with a gun is going to start shooting at school buses.

There will be more about both of these stories. In the first one, I hope we find out who this guy was and whether he had a criminal record. It would be helpful to know where he got his gun. In the second, the potential for tragic things to happen still exists since the shooter is on the loose. Who knows when he will be found? People must be quite frightened for their children. People should be able to put their kids on school buses in the morning without fear of them getting shot. Common sense tells us that there are too many shootings in this country. Just a few months ago, there was a horrific mass murder in Georgia at a health spa, most likely a domestic case:
Surveillance video showed a man walking into the Su Jung Health Sauna on Tuesday night and getting into an argument with someone, then opening fire, police said.
"It appears he walked in, had some conversation with one of the victims and the shooting started," Norcross Police Chief Warren Summers told WAGA-TV.
Investigators finished interviewing witnesses Wednesday morning, Norcross police Capt. Brian Harr said. He said the shootings were not random.
"It's probably domestic-related," Harr told The Associated Press, adding that more information would likely be released later Wednesday.
These kind of cases happen with regularity in our country. Are we to just stand by and let these daily incidents happen with no demand for safer communities? We can do something about this if we but stop the pandering to the NRA and their version of America where everyone should have a gun wherever they go. Strangely, Georgia is home to the crazy gun law in Kennesaw that requires everyone to own a gun. Whatever. So far, not many problems with the law. Also, there is now an "open carry " law in Georgia which has sent mixed messages:
Several months after the changed law took effect, Christy Dycus was working behind the counter at Richard’s Restaurant in Ringgold, Ga., when a man with a gun strapped to his side walked in to pick up a to-go order.
A customer flinched and stared as the man waited for his order, Dycus said. A couple of minutes later, police showed up and checked the man’s permit, she said, assuming the customer had called authorities.
“It was fine. It was just weird to have him have a weapon on his side,” she said.
When police arrived, they asked the man to keep his gun in his vehicle, said Police Chief Dan Bilbrey.
“It was just making people uneasy,” he said. “I can certainly understand someone in ... a T-shirt with a gun strapped to their side — it gets your attention.”
Authorities said legislation passes every year that tweaks or drastically changes gun laws.
And every year it takes “time for people to get used to” the changes, Meeks said.
This is the NRA's America. Just get used to it? Georgia has a rate of gun death of 12.14 per 100,000 according to the Violence Policy Center- 19th in the nation. Not so good. Meanwhile, I will have "Georgia on my mind."


  1. So the two examples on top are ridiculous. 1. The gun has nothing to do with the crime. Had there not been a gun the nut jobs would have built a bomb out of household or whatever. Defective people who want to kill people WILL kill people 2. The second from the bottom example was not simply a man shooting up a spa. It was an existing criminal that under current law was not able to buy or own a firearm engaging other criminals that were running an illegal prostitution operation. 3. the bottom example was an example of PEOPLE WHO WERE NOT EVEN BREAKING THE LAW being harassed by people ignorant people who don't understand the law.

    Lastly the firearm death rate is ridiculous because it counts suicides and justifiable homicide (self defense) in it's figures. These are clearly not murder or violent people with guns acting out against others.

    1. And here is the view of the world from the gun rights extremists on full display. Suicides by firearm are gun deaths. There is no other way to look at it. Easy access to guns makes it easier to kill oneself. Guns are the weapon of choice for suicides. Justifiable homicides ( of which there are far fewer than the gun nuts want us to believe) are counted in these numbers. They are not a separate category of gun deaths. Gun deaths are gun deaths. That is what the figures show. The people are dead because of bullets and they are counted in the numbers.