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Friday, May 4, 2012

Injustice in the gun world?

Can you be fired for owning a gun? Really? Some people think so and they are suggesting laws that will stop this terrible oppression of gun owners. This Missouri lawmaker thinks she has just the ticket. Check out the hypocrisy in this video from the Jon Stewart show:

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This is typical of the NRA bought and paid for legislators. Discrimination for being gay? Not so much. But if you own a gun- YES. Let's do something about it. Rep. Wanda Brown, above squirmed as she tried to defend her total hypocrisy. And why should gun owners be treated differently than any one else? Why in the world would they think they are discriminated against? Are gun owners victims of discriminatory policies any more than other people? Are gun owners some sort of minority group similar to people of color or gay and lesbian people? Ms. Brown couldn't give any examples of workers being fired for owning a gun. She claimed her bill would be preventative. In addition, she claimed that she hadn't voted on any bills that would prevent gay people from being fired for their sexual orientation. The problem with that is, she is wrong. She voted against the bill. Playing the victim is a trick the NRA and gun rights extremists love to claim. It's a specious claim and ridiculous on the face of it. Who believes this myth? The minority of people who belong to the NRA and other gun rights groups are part of this nonsensical view of the world. And maybe Wanda Brown should do something about preventing gun deaths and injuries. That would be a useful bill that would actually protect people.

Speaking of defending discrimination of gun owners, do you think we should defend Ted Nugent who once again cannot stop himself from making hateful comments about liberals and others who he doesn't like? When will people stop defending this man's vitriol and hatred? From the article:
Continued Nugent: "I feel sorry for liberals who can be that brain dead as to take a clear statement of fear on my part and turn it into a threat against somebody else."
Nugent also called the event "adorable" and explained his belief that the Secret Service personnel who had interviewed him never believed his perceived threat was actually a concern.
The controversy created by the "Motor City Madman" -- who reportedly endorsed GOP presidential frontrunner Mitt Romney after the campaign called him -- was seized upon by Democrats last month, who used it as an opportunity to hold the presumptive GOP nominee's feet to the fire.
The Romney campaign was largely silent on the matter, however, saying that "divisive language is offensive and inappropriate" and announcing that the former Massachusetts governor believes "everyone needs to be civil." Nugent told CBS that the campaign "expressed support" after his NRA comments.
There's more where that came from:
During the interview, Nugent launched into a rambling tirade about being a "moderate." It concluded with profanity directed at the interviewer and a female producer who was off-camera. From CBS:
""I think in an honest and sincere analysis of what Ted Nugent is, I think once you take away the battle fatigues of my rock and roll insanity -- I like to use this analogy: I'm a welder. When I work, sparks are flying and there's soot, but you know what? When I'm done welding, I take off the regalia. I shower, and I'm a pretty nice guy to hang around with. You know what I am after the welding? I'm a moderate. I'm an extremely loving and passionate man, and people who investigate me honestly, without the baggage of political correctness, ascertain the conclusion that I'm a damned nice guy. ... And if you can find a screening process more powerful than that, I'll [expletive] your [expletive], or [expletive] you. How's that sound?""
In his own words:

I don't know about you, but I have been around "nice guys" all of my life and Ted Nugent does not fit the description in any way. He thinks that because he said it, it is so. He must think we "moderates" and liberals are naive. In what world is he living? The same world as Rep. Wanda Brown from Missouri where gun owners are "nice guys" who are discriminated against and need defending. Others who are actual victims of discrimination or victims of the vitriol coming from the likes of Ted Nugent? Not so much.  As to victims? There are real victims as a result of shootings. This blog by Nasty Jack is keeping a monthly tally of shootings. From the blog:
This is the second in our new report on shootings that occur throughout the U.S. by month.  Last month was the first, and already April is showing an increase in deaths of 37.5 percent over March; it will be interesting to watch this trend over the coming year.  My figures are taken from reports on nationwide shootings by the national media and there is the possibility I could have missed some.  Please feel free to correct me if I have missed one in your area.
There were shooting incidents in 24 states with deaths resulting in 18 of those states.  Naturally, Arizona was first in both those categories with 18 shooting incidents resulting in 17 deaths.  Texas was second with 8 and 8.  It was interesting that New York with its tough gun laws had only one shooting incident with no deaths, at least as far as I could determine.  Calif., however, also with tight gun laws, had 5 incidents resulting in 12 deaths, one the Oakland spree.
Shootings don't discriminate according to race, sexual preference, age, sex or socio economic levels though some are clustered in some of these groups more than others. So common sense tells us that victims of shooting injuries and deaths are the real people for whom a problem exists. Listening to the explanation and dissembling of the Missouri legislator in the video above is instructive. Listening to Ted Nugent's nasty and crude pronouncements and hatred is also instructive. This is the world of the gun rights extremists. They think they can just say anything, but when challenged, they don't have answers to real life problems. It's time to demand accountability from people like this. Their view of the world is a cynical and dangerous view. People are shot to death every day in America at an alarming riate. What do they think should be done about that? It's time to ask questions and not just listen to nonsense and mythology.


This latest article from Media Matters has come to my attention about Ted Nugent. Apparently Nugent thinks he can convince "moderate" voters to vote against President Obama. Delusional comes to mind. From the article:
Correct. And so -- I know it's that middle ground, it's the moderates. We've already got the Second Amendment community. I hope we have the hunting community and conservation community. I hope we have the most productive community in America.  But I will learn from, maybe the greatest articulator and believable and revered man in the history of individual freedoms, and that's Charlton Heston. And I know that's quite a leap going from the "Motor City Madman" to the supreme eloquence of Charlton Heston, but officially on Cam & Company right now today May 2, 2012, I vow to my fellow patriots that I will work hard to be as efficient and effective for that middle ground to understand the right to keep and bear arms and to gut the abuses in our federal agencies, including Fish and Wildlife and EPA and FDA and USDA etcetera etcetera ad nauseam. I will try to be more -- I hate the word moderate -- but effective to the moderates because they're the voting block we need to access.
Good luck with that one, Ted. Charlton Heston is the greatest articulator and most revered man in the history of individual freedoms? Just a little hyperbole. Here is how Heston articulates his views:

Great stuff. I'm sure a reminder of this speech will bring those moderates along.


  1. I didn't know you lived in Missouri CJM. Your IP addresses are coming from Illinois.

  2. Ted Nugent doesn't speak for me...do the ultra liberal terrorists speak for you?

    P.S. There are parts of Illinois right next to Missouri...entirely possible that an ISP for a MO person is just over the border in IL...

  3. Tell you what ... If I am responsible for Ted then you have to take responsibility for this guy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d6ONssvJ2h8&feature=plcp

    1. You know, Robin, I think you have lost all reason and perspective. Of course anyone with a brain understands this guy is being sarcastic. If you notice the category for the video is humor. He has nothing to do with me or liberals or my side of the issue.On the other hand, Ted Nugent actually does speak for you guys since he is on the Board of the NRA. Perhaps you and Pat should get together and ask the NRA to vote him off the Board. Or did your membership elect him? NRA members should be distancing themselves from Nugent and denouncing his statements. The guy in the video represents his own views and speaks for himself.

  4. Gun folks love to play the victim. Poor discriminated-against people that they are

  5. There have been a lot of "cold, dead hands" as a result of guns in America, Mr. Heston.