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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Fashion and the world of guns

One wonders what kind of world the gun rights extremists occupy. Folks who love guns and the gun culture are increasingly displaying stupidity and often even dangerous talk and actions. I wrote about just a few of them in my last post. But I want to talk about a new line of clothing rolled out by Woolrich. From the article:
"The clothing lines address a perceived need in the concealed-carry subculture. Gun owners say they want to practice “maximum uncertainty,” meaning that if a gun is sufficiently concealed, a potential criminal will be unsure whether to attack. Gun experts say the research is inconclusive about whether such tactics reduce crime. Regardless, the clothing makers are jumping on the line of thinking.
“When someone walks down the street in a button-down and khakis, the bad guy gets a glimmer of fear, wondering: are they packing or not?” said Allen Forkner, a spokesman for Woolrich, which started its concealed-carry line in 2010 with three shirts.
The company has since added new patterns for shirts, pants and the Elite Discreet Carry Twill jacket, in dark shale gray and dark wheat tan. In addition to its gun-friendly pockets, the jacket has a channel cut through the back that the company says can be used to store plastic handcuffs.
Not everyone who carries a concealed gun is a fan of the new fashion. Howard Walter, 61, a salesman at Wade’s Eastside Guns in Bellevue, Wash., said he preferred to carry his Colt — and a couple of knives and two extra magazines — in a durable pair of work pants.
“They don’t shout ‘gun,’ they shout ‘average guy in the street,’ ” said Mr. Walter, who years ago worked in sales at Nordstrom. But really, he said, the most important thing in picking clothing is to choose something that works for the weapon. “They should dress for the gun,” he said he advised his customers. “Not for the fashion.”"
"Dress for the gun"? It's always good to have a place to store your concealed weapon so no one knows you have it on you. I mean, you wouldn't want all those criminals roaming the streets of our communities at soccer games, grocery stores, bars, hospitals, fast food restaurants, churches, parks, malls, work places, and everywhere people gather, to know that you have a gun. You want to be able to surprise them when they go on the attack. It happens every day. Shootings happen everywhere. The thing is, the shootings are just as likely to be committed by "law abiding" gun owners as by criminals. I write about them in almost every post on this blog. Some of them are stupid accidents that endanger the owners of the guns as well as others. Some of them are purposeful.

But I digress. I do like this nonsensical line of clothing. Gun nuts want to look good, not sloppy, as was mentioned in the article above, while packing. Whatever. Why is Woolrich pandering to the gun nuts? Follow the money. They understand that there is a market out there for the 3% of people who love to carry their loaded guns around in public places. Why not capitalize on it? That's what it's all about. Public safety- not so much. So this article about the Stephen Colbert show in which he "discusses" the hypocrisy of the clothing gets to the nub of the matter. Here is the video from the show:

Great stuff. On to the next nonsense in the world of guns. How about naming your child after a gun? Really? You may remember Levi Johnston who is the father of Bristol Palin's child. He was all over the news for a while as he tried hard to redeem himself after the 2008 Presidential campaign. I would say he's not doing such a great job of it. But now he is in the news again for the ridiculous idea of naming his soon to be born child after a gun.
The couple said they will name their baby girl after a gun and call her Breeze Beretta. The child was conceived in cabin during a birth control-free getaway.
When Oglesby revealed that she was pregnant, the Christian school where she taught suggested that she resign due to her unmarried status. Oglesby followed their advice, and now works as a preschool teacher at a public school in Wasilla, Alaska.
Johnston, who fathered a child with Bristol Palin in 2008, believes his new relationship will be different.
"I'm actually in love, not doing it just because we had a kid together," Johnston said.
The Alaska native also revealed his tattoos, one for each of his children. His latest tattoo, in honor of unborn daughter Breeze, is partially hot pink to signify the child's gender.
I like the image on this website of the Breeze Beretta gun. He is just another gun nut saddling his child with a stupid name. People like this love to attract attention with their bizarre behavior. Attract attention Johnston did. He is branding himself but I'm not sure it's a good brand. But the Beretta gun brand? In the sick tradition of American gun culture, no doubt Johnston and his decision to name his child after this gun will get more people to buy this gun. Is that what this is all about? I'm just asking. It's all about money. And does Johnston realize that 8 children a day are killed by bullets? Maybe he should read the Kid Shootings blog before he names his child. He will find that kids and guns don't mix. How will this little girl grow up? Learning to shoot when she's 2? Check this one out:

Good grief. Where is common sense?

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