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Friday, February 10, 2012

"Have a good day y'all"

The title of this post is the last thing this man said on the video he posted after reading some posts on his daughter's Facebook page. That, of course, was just after he shot up her laptop. Don't mess with this guy and his .45! One wonders why his daughter has some problems with her Dad. I guess we should count her lucky that it wasn't her instead of her laptop at the other end of that gun barrel. This falls under the category of totally senseless and stupid. I don't think this guy's message is going to resonate with the right folks now that it has gone viral. He may just regret his actions. Where is common sense?

And while I'm talking of the lack of common sense, let me highlight a few more stories on this post concerning those law abiding gun owners/permit holders. They are at it again.

"He used the word “irrefutable fact” repeatedly, pointing to evidence that indicated Buoy had held the gun fully-loaded within four inches of his wife's head and had pulled the trigger. Such action, he said, was in total disregard for basic firearm safety — something in which Buoy had been trained as he held a concealed carry permit — and was in total disregard for human life.""
I thought these kind of things weren't supposed to happen amongst law abiding and permit holding gun owners. It's inconvenient for the cause that in actuality, law abiding people are shooting people every day. Gun owners are not as careful as they would have us believe. Guns are designed to kill people. They are dangerous weapons and not to be taken lightly. But too many times, the ease of which they are accessed and used by their owners or someone else results in tragedy. And why do we let these continue to happen? That is the question and the answer comes with all kinds of excuses and denials from the pro gun extremists. There are no excuses. We can't keep denying what is actually happening. It's time to speak the truth.


  1. "Gun owners are not as careful as they would have us believe"

    Part-to-whole fallacy


    Try giving this a read


    1. I have seen many instances like this of people using guns to defend themselves. That does not negate the careless and intentional acts of shootings that happen when someone who is law abiding and a permit holder isn't so careful.

  2. I believe I forgot to mention that anyone who sends me a comment with an invective telling me they are waiting for a response as if I have been given an assignment or as if I am a child being told by a parent that I must give a response or elsed, will not get an answer or be published. That is not how it works.

    1. Personally, I have stopped responding to comments which come from alternative realities.

      I just won't acknowledge them.

  3. "
    And while I'm talking of the lack of common sense, let me highlight a few more stories on this post concerning those law abiding gun owners/permit holders. They are at it again."

    Included in your examples are two murderers and one attempted murderer. I'm not an expert in criminal law, but it seems to me that murderers and attempted murderers are not law-abiding citizens. I'm pretty sure they aren't. In fact, I'm willing to bet my life, any sum of money, AND all of my guns on it.

    Reality doesn't arrange itself according to your preferences. Those who break the law are not law abiding. You can't be a law-abiding murderer.

  4. As usual, you missed the point. People are law abiding gun owners if they have not committee a crime or been a domestic abuser, etc. And then suddenly they are not. These folks were not felons with guns before they shot someone. They went from law abiding to becoming a criminal in the seconds it took to pull the trigger.

  5. "They went from law abiding to becoming a criminal in the seconds it took to pull the trigger."

    Correct, but after they have murdered someone it is just plain dishonest to characterize them as "law-abiding citizens".

    1. I have not characterized them as law abiding citizens once they pulled the trigger. I have been clear about that. They are felons once they kill someone. But you guys are always telling me that law abiding citizens don't kill people- only criminals do. That is dishonest. There are criminals with prior records as felons who get guns and then kill someone. They already have criminal records and are out on our streets again getting guns because it's so easy to do so. These are not the ones killing the most people in America. It is rather, people with no prior criminal records who shoot someone in crimes of passion. That is the point.

    2. I have actually looked for a report that organised murders/shootings by legal status. Can you provide a study that backs up the claim "hese are not the ones killing the most people in America. It is rather, people with no prior criminal records who shoot someone in crimes of passion."

    3. http://bjs.ojp.usdoj.gov/content/pub/pdf/htus8008.pdf

      pages 15-22

    4. Can you be more specific. The only part that I noticed they talked about Prior convictions was in the Law enforcement section. Page 23

      Of the 587 assailants identified in the killing of law enforcement
      o cers from 2001 through 2010—
       64% had a prior conviction
       82% had a prior arrest for any type of crime; 43% had a prior
      arrest for a crime of violence

    5. Good grief, Anthony. It doesn't say whether those folks did or did not have prior convictions. In most of those cases, I think we can assume they did not. Most domestic shootings are perpetrated by people with no prior convictions. They are men who kill over power and control. I have personal experience with that one. When fathers shoot their kids, most often they are not known felons. When kids shoot their fathers, they don't have felony records. Give it up. You have a losing case if you are going to argue with me about whether most homicides are committed by felons.

  6. You can check this website where you will find very few people with prior criminal records in the history of mass shootings in the world- http://www.infoplease.com/ipa/A0777958.html

    Let's look at the law abiding permit holders who have shot people in the U.S.- http://www.vpc.org/ccwkillers.htm

    this one about guns used in homicides in homes by family members- http://www.bradycampaign.org/studies/view/104/

    suicide victims are rarely prior convicted felons- http://www.bradycampaign.org/studies/view/103/

    http://www.bradycampaign.org/studies/view/113/-" Domestic violence was linked to both suicide and homicide. Depression, substance abuse, alcohol and keeping a gun in the home were all risk factors for the death of women in the home. The murder of women related to domestic violence and keeping a gun was most often carried out by a spouse, intimate partner, or close relative: “Only 3% of female victims who were killed in their own home were known to have been killed by strangers. Eighty-two percent were killed by someone they knew.”"

    Shootings Over Cards, Cars, and Crowding
    » by NewsWatch on December 21st, 2010 Permalink
    Sadly, it seems as if a lot of people have been shooting others in anger lately. Why does our nation make it so easy for Americans to gun each other down? If guns had not been readily accessible during these incidents, more people would be alive and healthy today:

    The Salt Lake Tribune reports on how a card game turned fatal:

    One man is dead and another is under arrest after a shooting over a card game in Salt Lake City, police said Saturday. Up to six people were gathered in an apartment at 1810 S. Main St., said police Sgt. Jeff Webb. About 6 p.m., a fight erupted during the card game and multiple guns were drawn, said Sgt. Shawn Josephson. At least one shot hit and fatally wounded a 46-year-old man, Webb said. Police arrived and arrested a man in his 50s, identified as the shooter by the rest of the group.

    The Clark County Columbian reports on a road rage shooting:

    The Clark County Sheriff’s Office on Monday morning said the gunman, Kenneth L. Hartson, 42, shot and killed himself after he was cornered by police at the edge of a driveway in Brush Prairie.

    The case surfaced at 9:43 p.m. Sunday, when Lindi Seifert, 24, of Vancouver, reported she’d been driving north on Northeast 117th Avenue, also known as state Highway 503, in Brush Prairie when a driver in a newer Dodge pickup truck shot out two windows in her car near 149th Street. Hartson, also of Vancouver, was driving the truck, sheriff’s deputies said. Lindi Seifert followed the gunman to the edge of Battle Ground, took down the vehicle’s license number and gave it to 911 dispatchers.

    “She did not know him,” Ryan Seifert, Lindi’s husband, said Monday night. “He’s a complete stranger.”

    The Memphis Commercial-Appeal reports on a nightclub shooting:

    Sometime before 2 a.m., shots were fired inside the The Boss club at 912 Jackson, after someone inside the club started pushing, police said. In all, five men were shot, one hit critically in the upper torso. No one was in custody in the incident late Sunday.

  7. you will be happy to see that the cops payed the man who shot up the computer a visit. You might not be so happy with the outcome though.


    1. Sick. That says more about the mentality of the police officers than anything else. They should be ashamed of themselves and I hope they receive some criticism of their own. This man is angry and possibly dangerous with that gun. Let's hope he doesn't decide to use the gun on a person when he gets that angry. This is no laughing matter.

  8. I would agree I would hope he never shoots anyone in anger. CPS also visited.