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Friday, February 10, 2012

Denial and deception

Dear readers,

This blog post is begging to be written. In the last few days, I have been inundated with comments and can see that many gun blogs have sent traffic to my blog. In addition, I have received the most insulting and offensive comments since I disallowed anonymous comments. I have published the worst of these from one individual who is not welcome on this blog and who should be ashamed for writing what he did. He probably is not. I hope his family doesn't know what he's up to. Comments like his don't belong anywhere, let alone on a public blog post.

Some of you have demanded that your comments be published and demand reasons why they are not. A few of you have even sent me your e-mail addresses so we can "talk" about this perceived slight. That's not going to happen. Considering the volume of comments I have received in the last few days, I cannot possibly publish them all. In addition, some of them are so ridiculous as to beg credulity and don't deserve to be published. Some days I wonder what kind of world some of my readers inhabit. Sending me "facts" about car accidents and telling me that cars are just as much weapons as guns don't really deserve a reply from me because they are so "fact free" and specious that I wonder why you continue to believe it. Commenting, that though all evidence points to the fact that private sellers are selling guns to anyone and don't seem to care, that this doesn't happen just doesn't work. In hidden camera video after hidden camera video, it is clearly shown that private sellers don't have any idea to whom they sell their guns. It's clear that they don't really care and just want to make money. This is clearly shown. Denying it does your side no good. Deception does no good. Let's keep it to the facts and then "discuss" the issue based on facts.

To lecture me about being more civil is just ludicrous on the face of it. Since I know that your own blogs are making demeaning, derogatory, insulting and offensive remarks about me and also generally making fun of me and my views, the nerve of some of you to chastise me for being "uncivil" is just plain arrogant and distracting. Please desist from lecturing me. When you guys stop writing your ugly blogs about the "gun control" people, then maybe we can talk. When you guys stop outright threatening me and my colleagues, then maybe we can talk. But as long as you continue along these lines, I will continue to push back against your nonsensical view that I am not being civil.

This is my blog. If you are offended that I moderate comments, that's your problem and not mine. If I allowed all of your comments it would be your blog and not mine and that is exactly what you would love to have happen. It will never happen. As long as I continue to receive offensive, rude, false, ridiculous, insulting, etc. comments, I will moderate. As long as you guys demean me and others on your own blogs, I will write my blog the way I see fit. As long as you continue to send comments asking for me to repeat what I have clearly stated in my blog post, I will either ignore your comments or push back against them. I will not be lectured by people who are live in a world lacking information and full of invectives and paranoia. I provide links to real stories about real people. You sometimes send me your own links. If they seem to shed more light on the issue and lead to some sort of reasonable discourse, I will have that discourse. But if you send me something so biased or so devoid of fact, I may just dismiss it. So yes, sometimes I am dismissive for very good reason.

The fact that I don't agree with you does not mean you can pummel me with your specious arguments to get me to change my mind. Send me real facts and maybe we can talk. Stop your ugly blogging about us and maybe we can all talk. Stop insulting me and maybe we can talk. If I see something that just doesn't pass the "smell test" I will push back. If you call that being uncivil, it may mean you have just not had to defend your arguments with people with whom you disagree. Common sense is what I'm all about. For some of you, that means taking away your guns or your rights. If you believe that, you have been deceived, and not by me.


  1. They call *us* "uncivil"?? I'm laughing out loud.

    A while ago, I stopped allowing anonymous comments at New Trajectory for the same reason, but they continued with their shameful comments even with their names attached. I finally got sick of the disrespect and simply stopped comments altogether. I don't tolerate people talking to me that way in face-to-face conversations, and I'm not going to tolerate it online, either.

    The things these guys say on their blogs is horrible. Surely their family members don't realize the extent of their extremism. Recently some of them infiltrated my Facebook profile page and are now posting my private pictures on their blogs. They aren't interested in debate or conversation. They're only interest is to ridicule. Cyber bullies like these should not be tolerated by anyone, and it's shameful. They are a black eye on the face of honest, moderate gun owners and should be ridiculed for it.

  2. Dear Joan, I'll be polite hoping we can have a discussion. I would like to respond to Baldr:

    "Recently some of them infiltrated my Facebook profile page and are now posting my private pictures on their blogs."

    I recently followed a link to your Facebook profile page and viewed those private pictures. I did so without logging out of my Facebook account and without logging into yours. I did not "infiltrate" your Facebook page. I "visited" your Facebook page. Your photos are not private unless you have since changed your privacy settings. The Facebook settings are confusing but there are sure to be plenty of guides and tutorials available from Facebook and Google.

    This is a security issue Joan so I hope you print this.

    Controlling Facebook options is important for security. Baldr is a public figure, albeit a very minor one, but he's stepped forward into the public as an activist. Having his real name and photos revealed because he didn't secure them is a security issue.

    I find this to be a great example of why we can't have a civil discourse. Baldr failed to understand and control the security settings, and now blames the people who caught him revealing his identity. This is wrong factually, and at least by my moral code, wrong morally as he is blaming others for his own inability to understand and control technology. This is exactly the same thing prohibitionists of all types do, they can't understand something so they seek to ban it.

    How can we have a debate or conversation with people who don't understand what they are talking about? Really, try to imagine what it's like being like me. Guns are a part of my life. Some people wear a watch. I wear a gun. Some people drive a car. I walk with a gun. I'm no expert but I know more than most gun owners about guns, their history, technology, culture, politics, et cetera. I'm always have a gun with me. It's part of who I am.

    And then I read people such as Baldr and Joan who tell me that these things which are as much of my life as my computers are dangerous, awful, terrible things that are also evidence I'm likely to be a psycho killer or otherwise horrible person, and since I'm potentially so dangerous I should be treated as a criminal out on probation, subject to all sorts of hoops to jump through and restrictions and expenses.

    How can we have a conversation? I want to live my life. You want to destroy it. You say happy bland well intentioned things but they are as superficial and as false as the rest of your prohibitionist dogma.

    Try again to look at it from my perspective. My post likely won't get published, and even if it does, two far worse things will almost surely happen. You won't understand what I am saying and you won't be able to respond to it.

    "They're only interest is to ridicule. "

    Perhaps that is because prohibitionists are ridiculous?

    1. First of all, I am going to respond. Facebook has its' privacy problems and yes, settings need to be private if you don't want information going public. It's that the caused Baldr's problems. Once that happened, however, it's what people on your side decided to do with the information, up to and including, threatening to post his personal address on the internet. That does not feel good or safe to those of us on this side of the issue. Particularly since you are the guys with the guns.

      Secondly, no one wants to take away your rights or your lifestyle.To say so is wrong and misperceived by those on your side who resist any attempts at reasonable gun restrictions because of fear that we are after your guns. You are wrong. And, I beg to differ with your assessment about your guns. They are dangerous. Their owners misuse them every day either unintentionally or intentionally. They get into the hands of the wrong people. You, yourself, may feel like this could never happen. That is, I'm sure, what quite a few of those people whose guns discharged accidentally or on purpose, would have said. You have made your choice and I have made mine. Nothing I am going to do will change your choice to carry your loaded gun around in public. I hope that nothing you are going to do will affect anyone's choice to live free of violence from a bullet.

  3. Oh, and, Patrick Henry- I appreciate your politeness this time. It has not always been so. I don't trust that it will last given the history of my blog and the pro gun blogs. I will be surprised if this one post changes anything regarding the nastiness and offensiveness of the pro gun blogs. They exist to be nasty and offensive and attacking gun control bloggers or anyone who dares to write about the issue.

  4. Oddly enough the guy who shot his daughters laptop has had his kids address released on the internet. Stay safe out there guys!