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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Aloha everyone

I'm off for a week of the sun and whale watching on Maui. I may not be posting but I will be looking at the blog when I have time. Let's hope I don't. It will be great to be away from the trolls who seem to think it is their life's mission to check up on what I'm writing and immediately send me a response. People could actually just look at my blog. They could read it and not respond. But I guess the pro gun extremists who read this blog just have to bring me down a peg or two and find fault with what I write. Whatever.

Let's take a look at Hawaii's gun laws as long as I will be spending some time there. Hawaii has some of the strictest gun control laws in the country. Hawaii also has the lowest rate of gun deaths in the country. The rate of gun deaths per 100,000 in the state of Hawaii is 2.82 and from the article: " Louisiana had the nation's highest gun death rate, at 19.87, followed by Mississippi at 18.32 and Alabama at 17.62, according to the center." The rate of gun ownership in Hawaii is also low compared to the states with the highest rate of gun deaths. Only 9.8% of Hawaiians own guns. This, from the study by the Violence Policy Center quoted in the article: " States such as Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama had the nation's highest gun ownership rates, at between 46 and 57 percent, and also had the highest gun death rates, the study found." Does anyone see a pattern here? I do. And from the Honolulu police chief comes this:
"The Islands' low gun death rate should also be attributed to the people of Hawai'i who exemplify the aloha spirit not only in times of emergencies and disasters but throughout the year," Kealoha said.
He said HPD is proactive in seeking new gun legislation such as supporting a bill which would raise penalties for those who use airsoft replica pellet guns in terroristic threatening or robbery cases.
How refreshing. Someone who speaks common sense and a state that believes that restrictions on guns are necessary for public safety. Who needs a gun in Hawaii anyway? Where would you put a gun while surfing or enjoying that wonderful boat trip to Lanai where waves are washing over the side of the boat and there is not a care in the world. We visited Lanai on our first trip to Maui 5 years ago and found it to be a wonderful, isolated island with one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Snorkeling there was amazing. It's hard for me to believe that people actually feel a need to carry a gun while visiting Hawaii. Such a relaxing trip should not be marred by paranoia about danger lurking around every corner. There is probably more danger from a potential tsunami. I am also hoping I won't experience that.

This photo is from my first visit to Hawaii and from the boat that took us to Lanai and back to Maui. I fell in love with the whales.

So Aloha everyone. See you when I get home. Be careful out there.


  1. ~~~~Joan,
    Have a delicious time, dear :)
    You lucky girl!
    Eat. Relax. Love. Drink. Savor.
    Take lots of photos. Xx

  2. Yes Hawai'i has a fairly low Gun Crime rate, simply because there are no guns at all. However they also have two other things, low crime overall, AND low population. (Pop:1.36M, Murders/yr: 24 Lets compare them to another place with severe gun laws (as you would say "commonsense"), NYC: Pop:19M Muders/Yr: 866. (these numbers ignore forcible rape, Aggravated assault, which usually involves a weapon, and crimes listed as "Violent") So NYC with 14 times the population of HI, has 36 times the number of murders in HI? Looked at this way, it certainly seems that HI's isolation, low population and "Aloha" culture have a lot more to do with their crime rate than "commonsense" gun laws...

    P.S. source for MY data is http://www.disastercenter.com/crime/nycrime.htm A statistics collation site, NOT a news article from a news site. (go the to source please japete!)

  3. Matt- You offer interesting points. So often I am asked about why New York has high rates of gun deaths yet strict gun laws. I have used the same reasoning you just did but the gun rights folks don't believe me. Thanks for supporting my view point.

  4. Ok, I guess I was just too circumspect And polite in making my point, so here is the blunt paraphrase: you are wrong. Specifically wrong about HI gun laws stopping crime. HI has low crime b/c of it's low population, laid-back and communalist culture, and it's physical isolation. How do I know I'm right? By using comparisons to other places with strict gun control and examining them while considering the three factors I mentioned. Examples are NYC, DC, Chicago and LA. All high pop, all easily accessible, all with unique but more mainstream cultures, and all with very strict gun control. According to your main point they should have low crime, per capita, but they do not. Ergo, the only constant, gun control, has little or no effect.

  5. It's interesting that about the same time I saw you post this:

    "Hawaii has some of the strictest gun control laws in the country."

    I also came across this:

    Hawaii may keep track of all Web sites visited

    "Hawaii's legislature is weighing an unprecedented proposal to curb the privacy of Aloha State residents: requiring Internet providers to keep track of every Web site their customers visit."


    This is not really a surprise. It's common sense that someplace that would do one would also do the other -- they both result from the same sort of thinking.

  6. And what kind of thinking would that be? How do you know that the same people who favor strict gun laws also favor the proposal you linked to? That could be a false assumption on your part

  7. "And what kind of thinking would that be?"

    Favoring laws that affect everyone and their privacy, in order to (maybe) get at a few who may be responsible for abuses.

  8. Gun rights and internet privacy are not the same.

  9. That is not his point. His point is that the MINDSET of the people enacting those laws is the same. I.E. "It's ok to violate the rights of many, in order to stop a few crimes/bad things.". This is the "nanny state" mentality, and it offends many many people, like JayF and myself. Ultimately, government must allow and trust the citizenry to take care of itself. After all, the government exists by the will of and on the sufferance of the people, or it is a dictatorship... And we all know how THOSE turn out...

  10. Matt- we couldn't disagree more. I am not sure why you commented since you must know I don't share your views or you mine.

  11. I expect to disagree and I don't expect to change minds and I did not even plan to try. I just wanted to point out that gunowners have noticed that the same philosophy of government that promotes gun control also promotes things other than gun control.

    Conversely, many prominent legal scholars that defend gunowner rights (Volokh, Reynolds, etc) also defend other civil liberties.

  12. Japete; I'm not trying change YOUR mind, I'm trying to change the minds of your readers...

  13. Matt- that is what I'm doing- changing the minds of my readers who are not all, like you, pro gun folks. I think I will be more successful since I have common sense on my side. That doesn't mean there isn't some common ground. But I sense there is not with you so there's no sense in you and I going back and forth.

  14. JaPete, you stat that I am Pro-Gun. What do you base that on? I have shown some statistics (Compiled by the FBI no less), and drawn the fairly obvious conclusion that gun control does not reduce crime. I have pointed out the issue with the "Nanny State" idea, and stated it is offensive. (I.E. I want the gummit out of my business, all it can do is mess it up)

    It seems you are saying I am pro-gun b/c I disagree with you, not due to any overwhelming evidence. I could be simply anti-Big Gov't, or Anti-Bill of Rights Violations... I think you call me Pro-Gun, b/c that will allow you to place me in a nice mental box, label me a "Zeaolot" or "Extremist", an easy out, but not an intellectually honest one. (Maybe i'm wrong, hope so!)

    Full Disclosure: I am pro-gun, a gun owner, and have a TN HCP (Handgun Carry Permit) which I worked hard to get. The purpose of this comment is to examine WHY you concluded I am pro-gun, not the truth or falsity of that conclusion.

    P.S. I find it hilarious the only people engaging with you are myself and JayF (who is probably also pro-gun but I don't know for sure), there are no supporters of your views attacking or rebutting us, odd....

  15. I guessed right, I guess, since you admitted that you are pro gun. As to whether or not you are an extremist, I don't know. I don't publish all the comments that come my way for one reason or another. Some are offensive, some are stupid, some are not cogent or don't make sense. The reasonable folks who read this blog, and I know that they do, don't dare wade in. Why? Because the pro gun extremists attack them with a vengeance. Suffice it to say that my supporters are many but choose not to get into the fray.