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Friday, December 2, 2011

No surprise here- permit holders and gun owners gone awry

Well, it's that time again. The shootings and incidents keep coming. How can I ignore them? People are dying and being threatened by "law abiding" gun owners and permit holders. The gun rights extremists say these things either don't happen or shouldn't. And when they do, they don't seem bothered by them. That bothers me. So here goes with my list. It's a long one this time.

"It's going to be sad for the momma when she wakes up and finds out she lost her children," said Gloria Carranza, a 41-year-old Bay City native who added pink and blue balloons to the memorial. "Things like this don't happen in a small town like Bay City," she said." Would that that were true. They happen every day in our country. Domestic shootings are way too frequent in our communities. Too many women and children are losing their lives.

  • An Ohio man accidentally shot himself when he thought his gun was unloaded. Not a good idea, to say the least. He died from his injuries.
  • A Connecticut man, drunk enough to be swaying on the sidewalk, offered his gun permit as identification when the police picked him up. Find the article towards the end of the list. "Police charged the man with carrying a firearm while under the influence of alcohol." Another permit holder gone awry.
  • Hmmm. Is there just a little bit of common sense in this one? Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has banned the carrying of loaded guns in state buildings. I guess the thought of people with loaded guns (and who would be checking whether you are a legal permit holder or not if you bring your gun to a meeting at the Capitol?) in the places where he would find himself was not appealing. One wonders if the fact that he is so unpopular that there is a recall effort going, made him think twice about this loaded guns in public thing. But my guess is that most of the people who are now have their Wisconsin gun permits are on his side. " Miller said a visitor to the Statehouse objected to the Capitol Police officer about Miller's openly carried sidearm. Miller said he believed it was better for the moment to carry guns concealed in the state Capitol rather than openly because of the tempestuous times in Wisconsin politics." Really?
  • Some Ohio folks think it's a great idea for students to pack heat on campus. As they extremists always do, they have ignored a few of the obvious problems with this idea. 
    "Having other armed individuals will only complicate what's already a confusing and difficult situation," he said. "Our police officers will face the additional problem of identifying who is a friend and a foe, and that places themselves and others at a greater risk." Newbern said there should be no exception to the law on-and-off-campus."

    " But Zachary Madrigal, a 23-year-old VCU graduate student studying advertising, believes there's a time and a place for guns — and college campuses are not among them.
    "We're not anti-gun," Madrigal said. "There are a lot of people with our movement who actually own guns and fire them recreationally." But he's concerned about the unpredictable consequences of a concealed-carry permit holder pulling a gun in an adrenaline-fueled encounter. "A lot of people don't have the training, and they don't know what will happen in the heat of the moment," said Madrigal, a Virginia Tech alumnus who lost friends during the campus massacre in 2007." He's right.

    " Thompson approached a man and asked him whether he was Somali. The man said he was, prompting Thompson to chase and threaten to kill him. The man found refuge with police officers who were nearby. Thompson then went into a neighborhood bar, where he was arrested. He was drunk and had two loaded firearms with him and a permit to carry them."

    • The NRA is having some problems with the New York Attorney General who is just trying to enforce those pesky and inconvenient gun laws already on the books. It's funny, isn't it, that when there's a law the NRA wants, like to nationalize conceal and carry laws, they ignore the fact that we don't need a new gun law? We should just enforce the ones we have. But when those gun laws get in the way of their agenda, they cry foul. I say hypocrisy all the way around. In New York, all gun sales must have background checks. Guess what? Some private sellers at gun shows were not requiring them? But the claims from the gun lobby?-" King also told Gannett Pressconnects, "I guarantee you there's not a gun owner in New York state who was aware of that law before today."" Come on. " Failing to perform a background check at a gun show is currently a misdemeanor offense in New York state." Oops. I guess the gun guys need to bone up on the laws already on the books.
    Well, that's it for today. This is only a few of the many. Tomorrow will be another day. Tomorrow more people will be shot in America. Tomorrow, 32 more will die from gunshot homicides. 80 will die in total from suicides, homicides and accidental gun discharges. 8 more children will die from gun injuries. Isn't America a great country? One thing's for sure, there is always something for us gun violence prevention folks to write about. Sad, but true. Where is common sense?

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