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Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas everyone- be careful out there

I wish my readers a peaceful and enjoyable holiday. In my part of the country we are lacking the usual snowy landscape so familiar to us. But Christmas will happen no matter whether we have snow. I am finished shopping and don't really need or want much except being with my family and enjoying the festivities. But I know one thing that is not on my list this year for Christmas- a concealable hand gun. Such is not the case for a lot of others in the country. Sales of guns appear to be up this holiday season. The world of guns is so different from the world in which I live. The article talks about the need for guns for women. Though it may be true that women feel vulnerable from criminals and rapists or whoever is waiting to attack them, they are actually more at risk from violence at home from their own partners. And then there is this idea- require all women to carry a cute concealable pink gun. According to this blog post and video, if even 50% of women carry one, those men who rape women would stop their behavior. The man in the video does acknowledge that he wouldn't want the woman he is dating to have one of these. But if you like this idea, you should get yourself to a gun dealer or a gun show quickly before Christmas. These cute guns are readily available and you might do the little woman in your life a favor- or not. Check out the website of Women Against Gun Violence for more information about the dangers of guns to women.
Women are twice as likely to be shot and killed by intimate partners as they are to be murdered by strangers using any type of weapon. (Tjaden P., Thoennes N. Full Report of the Prevalence, Incidence and Consequences of Violence Against Women: Findings from the National Violence Against Women Survey. Washington, DC: US Department of Justice: 2000. NCJ 18781.) (Rothman E. F., Hemenway D, Miller M, and Azael D. Batterers' Use of Guns to Threaten Intimate Partners. Journal of the American Medical Women's Association, 2005. 60 (1): p. 62- 68.)
If you are still looking for a gift, here's a good idea- bullet proof vests for the family. As I have said before, the solution to shootings could become the problem. I write often about law abiding gun owners shooting themselves or others at home or in public places. I read about a lot more than I write about. Some are accidents, some are intentional. If the Tucson shooting wasn't a wake-up call to the country, I don't know what is. If the shooting at the beauty shop in California is not a wake-up call, what is? If the Virginia Tech cop shooting is not a wake-up call, what is? More guns simply do not mean fewer gun deaths and/or shootings. More guns in more public places have not led to more safety in public places. More guns in public places is not what we need. We shouldn't have to have people writing about bullet proof vests for their families this Christmas, even in jest. Are we at war?

But I digress. Here's another idea for Christmas in case you haven't had your family photo taken yet. I wrote about this ridiculous Arizona gun club Santa photo op previously. It has attracted a lot of public interest and criticism, as well it should have. "Nothing says Christmas like an AK 47" according to Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert in this video:

Right. On a more serious note, you could always donate toys to a good cause. The cause is in memory of Christoper Bigilj who died of gunshot injuries when the machine gun his Dad let him shoot recoiled, killing the 8 year old. In the words of his family
"Baystate Children's Hospital was so good to us at that tragic time," said Wargo. "The goal of this memorial fund is to provide toys for its patients and to help continue the hospital's bereavement box program to help parents deal with their loss."
Indeed. Too many people are grieving their losses during this holiday season. If I printed the names of all of the gunshot victims (about 9000 gun homicides) since last January, I wouldn't be able to publish this post. But starting with the Tucson shooting victims, here are the 6 who died and whose families will be spending their first Christmas, or whatever holiday they celebrate, without them:
Christina-Taylor Green: A "Face of Hope," this 9-year-old politician often wore red, white and blue in honor of her country.
Gabe Zimmerman: Recently engaged and one of Giffords's aides, he was known as a master in dealing with other people.
John M. Roll: A widely respected federal judge, Roll received death threats in 2009 after his decision allowed a case brought forward by illegal immigrants to proceed to a jury trial.
Dorwin Stoddard: A fixture at the Mountain Avenue Church of Christ, Stoddard blocked his wife from gunfire, eyewitness reports said.
Phyllis Schneck: A great-grandmother, the 79-year-old retiree admired Giffords's stance on border safety.
Dorothy Morris: The 76-year-old retiree, Dorothy Morris, attended the event with her husband and high school sweetheart George Morris.
Of course, more famously, we all know that one of the survivors of the shooting rampage last January 8th was a U.S. Congresswoman- Gabrielle Giffords. Today she struggles to walk and speak. Her recovery is amazing all things considered. I can't even fathom the cost in actual health care dollars to her family, her insurance company and even to the taxpayers because of her great federal insurance coverage. And then there's the daily emotional costs and the cost to her district which has been without her since the shooting. Besides Giffords, 12 others are living to talk about that awful day and also have suffered emotionally and physically.

Meanwhile, Merry Christmas from Fox T.V. The background of people shooting off guns as the show host and the guests discuss the need for their guns this holiday season is off-putting to put it mildly. Watch this video to see all the reasons why I write my blog:

In spite of what Rich Wyatt said in the video above- needing a gun to stop arson, looting and rape, the chances of that you will need your gun over the holidays are slim. Wyatt made a claim that most people wouldn't attack him because just looking at him makes them think he would be trouble. Such nonsense and bravado is hard to explain. And just remember, from the Fox Channel's resident investigative expert, Bo Dietl, "guns don't kill people, people kill people."Merry Christmas from the NRA talking points.

So I leave you with a peaceful and poignant video for the holiday season and wish everyone a Merry Christmas if you celebrate the holiday. I will be out of town for the holidays and not writing on my blog. Be careful out there everyone.


  1. Then there are women that use firearms to successfully defend themselves with out even firing a shot.


  2. Indeed there are Anthony. Have a nice Christmas.