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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Fox news on Santa, guns and kids- no laughing matter

Cross posted at Media Matters Gun Facts

Just when you think things can't bet much worse, Fox news ran a story about the Arizona gun club's Santa photo op with kids and guns. I just posted on my blog about this nonsensical idea but then I watched this video and just had to weigh in. Here is the video and then, let's talk:

O.K. Then. Here's what I got out of this video from the stupid and dangerous comments made in this video by what should be responsible adults:
  • "If you let every kid in schools carry handguns, you'd have no bullying" says Bob Beckel. Seriously? On what planet does this guy live? Actually, he may have been trying to mock the whole thing by saying this.
  • Guns don't kill people, people kill people, says Eric Bolling and then he trots out the second amendment ...whatever.
  • "I like this because it scares the hell out of visiting Europeans says Greg Gutfeld ( What is that supposed to mean? Do we hate visiting Europeans now?) Oh yes- it lets them know that "oh my God, we're never invading this country". You've got to be kidding. Does anyone with common sense think that the Europeans have plans to invade America?And if they wanted to, does anyone think that Americans armed with pistols would stop an army or, for God sakes, Nuclear weapons? On what planet does this guy live?
  • This should show the Occupy Wall Street folks-"that if there is a revolution the other side is better armed" continues Gutfeld. Right. A revolution? On what planet does this guy live?
  • "I'm a pro gun person.."says Andrea Tantaros. So what does that mean in this discussion? Because you are a pro gun person it's automatically O.K. to expose kids to such nonsense?
  • We can't run the one photo because it has children in it and the husband is pointing a gun at his wife's head-( ha ha)- and then Bolling says "so what"!
  • And then- you should not be joking about guns and little kids and guns pointing at your wife's head ( really?)
  • "I thought we're not supposed to have fun with guns..." Tantaros mocks. If Tantaros thinks that exposing little kids to guns while sitting on Santa' s lap is fun, then I wonder on what planet she lives.
  • "Here's the point about guns, you try to train kids about the safety of guns and then you make it part of the family", says Dana Perino. And then what happens when that kid gets his or her hands on a gun and accidentally shoots someone or him or herself? What about suicides? Good family fun for sure.
  • Beckel actually tries to be reasonable and suggests that this is a bad idea. He starts complaining about the bazookas and the machine guns in the photos but he is talked down by the others.
  • Beckel then mocks Tantaros when she claims that it's a good idea because families hunt together. He then interjects that maybe they should just shoot all the reindeer and then Santa won't get there. And then Gutfeld interjects that he's tasted reindeer meat and it's delicious. He's even had Reindeer pizza. Sigh!
Well, you get the idea. This conversation, if you can call it that, is so ridiculous that one has to laugh because otherwise it's enough to make a grown person cry. These adults who are on T.V. every day with thousands, if not millions of viewers watching them, should be ashamed of themselves. Instead, they fall all over themselves to try to defend the Arizona gun club's photo op because if they criticized it, the NRA would come calling. Really everyone. Where is common sense?

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  1. Wow. That's a scary, scary video. People have lost their minds! Where to start? First, kids and guns are a dangerous mix. Second, glamorizing guns to kids is pitiful, particularly in such a manner as to mix it with jolly ol' St. Nick. Christmas is a holiday of peace and joy, not a means of preparing children to kill people or marveling over lethal weapons. Third, FOX News should be shamed for pushing such a lethal and ridiculous message and giving voice the extremists (as if that's anything new for them).

  2. My daughter wants Santa to bring her a nice .22 for Christmas. She's already got the ammo.

    She's already shot fully automatic weapons. This is not shocking. People like firearms. They get them as Christmas gifts. Therefore, Santa brings guns to good little boys and girls and grownups.

  3. Bob Beckel.. Is the lefty democrat on the show. If he says something about guns in this context you can be sure it sarcasm.

    "We can't run the one photo because it has children in it and the husband is pointing a gun at his wife's head-( ha ha)- and then Bolling says "so what"!"

    Holy you know what batman.. You and I are are going to come down on the exact same side on this..

    Real guns are not toys. Small kids should never see them in the context of toys and nothing says toys like santa.

    I can't type enough "nevers" as a response to pointing a gun AT someone, little less your wife's head. That is an OMG.. No.... event..

    With kids around, and if you google the actual link there are a lot of younger kids in other photos.

    No, no.. no... This was a gun club? Are you kidding me.

    You point a gun at someone at my club and you will be an ex-member faster than you can hear the door slam..

    The club sanctioning a santa... Oh hell no..

    Since you know I have kids and am a gun person, I should tell you that I did NOT let my kids have toy guns. I never let them play games where they "shot" at each other, even pretending.. "no shooters" was the family rule when someone pretended..

    I eventually relented to allow a super soaker since it was obviously a squirt "gun".

    Why? Because, under a certain age young kids do not have the ability to comprehend toy vs real if they look alike and they don't have any context to restrain their actions, if they 'mean no harm'.

    When they were old enough (by MY rules) My answer was to take all the mystery away in a controlled setting where I handled all aspects of gun safety and made them memorize, recite and demonstrate the safety rules BEFORE they were allow to shoot.

    They were raised to never think of a gun as a toy.

    "Here's the point about guns, you try to train kids about the safety of guns and then you make it part of the family"

    Ok, fine.. That's the only part I can buy... but you and darn well better know what you are doing, the maturity of your kids and you still should lock your guns and ammo in child proof ways..

    If you think that pointing a gun at mom is "making it part of the family"
    then I don't want to know you.

    You know it makes the vast majority of gun people cringe when we see this crap right?

    About his comment that "they were unloaded.." Nonsense..

    They are always loaded. All the time.. and you keep them pointed in a safe direction ALL the time for that reason.

    You live longer if you believe that.

  4. If this is the pic of the "gun pointed at the wife's head" This is much to do about nothing. The rifle is obviously behind her head and not pointed at it.

    Believe it or not cameras do odd things with perspective. This believe it or not is not a King Cong sized ape smashing a car.

  5. I guess we don't see the photo the same way. But leave it to you to say it's not a big deal. Nice try. I don't think many agree with you about that photo. It's King Kong by the way.

  6. I took the "joking around by pointing it at her head" on faith. I agree if that is the photo that it is just posed, not pointing it like a "Look, I'm being funny with my wife.."

    This is the photo that bothered me.. http://www.cbsnews.com/i/tim/2011/11/29/es_1129_GUNS_SANTA_480x360.jpg

    Just me.. I wouldn't do that with kids that age.

    My wife and I? In the right setting among friends as a joke picture of sorts.. Sure.

    But even then, there would have to be this moment where I personally safety flagged every breech inspected every magazine and did everything but strip search people for ammo before posting a guard to watch the guns and the people.

    I don't have any idea about the procedures they used to set up the photos.

    Perhaps they had all the safety of a hollywood set, with a weapons master handling the guns between photos.. Don't know..

    But for me, if Jesus himself told me those guns were unloaded, I'd still look.

  7. I invite my readers to take a look at this link to a British newspaper article about the Santa photo op where the offensive photos removed from the Arizona gun club site are available:


    You can see that international press has picked up on this offensive event.

  8. What I find offensive is that there are kids in the world who aren't taught to shoot before they're ten.

  9. "I invite my readers to take a look at this link to a British newspaper article about the Santa photo op where the offensive photos removed from the Arizona gun club site are available:"

    I am personally conflicted about the gun club photos -- I think they were is poor taste but poor taste is not a crime. I don't have a problem with children handling a weapon under controlled circumstances and advocate for gun safety training for children as probably the most effective method of insuring their safety. I don't mean Eddy Eagle training but the four rules.

    But I really truly don't care what the press in formerly Great Britain cares about guns in America. This is where the police made homeowners take wire mesh off the windows of their sheds so burglars wouldn't get hurt. Their Olympic shooters can't even train in their own country. A citizen of the United Kingdom is much more likely to have a violent encounter with a criminal than I am. But of course if the violent encounter doesn't involve a gun it doesn't count.

    In 1940 the NRA members donated over 7000 personally owned rifles, shotguns and pistols to help Great Britain defend herself. Today I doubt that they would be able to raise more than 1% of that for the same cause. I know I wouldn't contribute.

  10. Robin- I don't intend to go back to the discussion about UK gun policy as you are attempting to do. I provided the link to show you that the U.S.looks so ridiculous to other countries concerning guns and the gun culture. People laugh at us and mock what goes on here- this photo op is just one more extreme example of the role guns play in America. That is why the article is important. It just adds to the view other countries have of us as a bunch of gun nuts. They are right. The Arizona gun club photo op does your side no good.

  11. "People laugh at us and mock what goes on here-"

    I wasn't trying to talk about their gun policy. It doesn't work. Their citizens are more likely to be a victim now than they were before self defense was outlawed. I was merely stating that I don't care what they do and I don't care what they think about us. You brought up what the formerly Great Britain thinks and I responded.