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Friday, November 4, 2011

Stupid and dangerous, back again; this is what I'm talking about

I haven't done a "stupid and dangerous" post for a while. But when so many incidents about gun deaths show up in one day, it's time to resurrect it. So, here, again, is a fine example of why people who are drinking should not have guns. A Minnesota man killed his own son in the early hours of the morning after having 6 Rum drinks. Senseless.

And yet another shooting or two committed by a woman against her ex-husband and her boyfriend in two different locations. This Minnesota woman must have had more than a few grudges. She also had a gun so she could act on her grudges. That's the problem. Guns are dangerous.

No one dead in this one but a young Minnesota woman is in a whole lot of trouble for shooting a man in Superior, Wisconsin.

A Duluth man was convicted of murder after shooting a man during an argument. He tried to get away with murder by saying that he didn't intend to shoot the man but the gun just went off. Right. I've heard that one before.
Cobenais, 27, was accused of drawing a gun, cocking it, holding it to Highler’s head and pulling the trigger during a party at his West Duluth apartment on Aug. 26, 2009.
Cobenais claimed he was using the gun to wave Highler out of his apartment after Highler insulted the mother of his child. He said the gun accidentally discharged when Highler hit his arm, killing Highler.
Sometimes it's true that guns discharge when dropped. I just wrote about that in my post about Plaxico Burress.  Often, the comments from the gun rights folks here on this blog assert that guns don't just discharge on their own. They tell me that someone has to pull the trigger. In this case, I guess they are right. This guy surely pulled the trigger here and the jury agreed.

It's the first week-end of deer hunting in Minnesota. The weather is fine- sunny, calm, close to 50 degrees. So I wish happy hunting to all of my Minnesota readers if they go out hunting. My brother is out with his friends at a deer shack outside of Duluth. Two nights ago when coming home after dark, two bucks were bedded down in my back yard for the night. I didn't want them spending the night there because they have been eating my plants. So I flashed my bright lights at them and they got up and left. No doubt they were back because there were fresh droppings and a few more plants eaten. If hunting were allowed within the city limits, someone could shoot their Buck in just a few minutes right in my back yard. And stay safe out there. Don't do anything stupid or dangerous. Every year there are accidental shootings during deer season. Let's hope there are few of them this year.

So my readers often ask me why I post articles about shootings and gun incidents. I do so because many of the gun rights extremists don't seem to be bothered by these shootings and the number of victims of shootings. Their answer is to just have more guns to shoot the shooters. I don't happen to agree with that. Nor do the majority of Americas polled year after year after year. To me, it is just plain common sense that reasonable restrictions on who can carry guns, where they can be carried and the types of guns that can be purchased and carried should be no-brainers. That, of course, is not how it works in the real world of out sized influence of the gun lobby on our politics. ( see my post from yesterday) You can read right here on this post that I am not opposed to hunting. Most hunters are not opposed to reasonable gun restrictions. So there is agreement out there in gun world. Let's work to enact laws that will keep us safer. Let's work on communities where reasonable people can own guns for hunting, recreation and self defense but unreasonable people will have a hard time getting their hands on guns. Let's work for communities where people realize that having a gun around can be dangerous in some situations and too easy to use in conflicts. Let's work for communities where we make it harder instead of easier for felons, domestic abusers, adjudicated mentally ill people, gang members, drug cartels, kids and terrorists to get their hands on guns. Let's work for a world where unreasonable people are not amassing weapons to use against their own government or even elected officials as in this article from Media Matters:
The federal government has alleged that four Georgia militia members who are accused of plotting to kill federal employees modeled their plan on right-wing blogger Mike Vanderboegh's online novel Absolved, which depicts underground militia fighters who declare war on the federal government over gun control laws and same-sex marriage, leading to a second American revolution. Vanderboegh is not alone in promoting such insurrectionism: several right-wing media figures, including other gun rights bloggers, have suggested the possibility of political violence or revolution as a  means of responding to progressive policies.
The "insurrectionists" featured in the linked article above are not only unreasonable people; they are dangerous and scary people who should not have guns.  But have guns they do and it appears that they have questionable and illegal intentions for those guns. These are not the average deer hunters who are out in the woods enjoying the hunt and the unseasonably beautiful Minnesota weather. These are insurrectionists. This is not the kind of world we want. ( please read more of this article to see what some gun rights extremists are up to) Haven't we just been fighting against insurgencies in other countries? We don't need our own.

So when you think about stupid and dangerous things regarding guns, this is what I am talking about. When you think of people having too much to drink while near a loaded gun, this is what I am talking about. When you think of people who hold grudges against a friend or a spouse/partner while holding a loaded gun in their hands, this is what I am talking about. When you think of people walking around with loaded guns in their waistbands for self protection and not thinking the gun could actually discharge accidentally or intentionally, this is what I am talking about. When you think of reasonable things regarding guns, hunting and sport are what I am talking about. If you think you need a gun for self defense in the home, then you should have one. But with your rights come responsibilities to make sure that gun is locked up and safely stored away from children and teens. Make sure it is safe from robbers. Every year hundreds of thousands of guns are stolen from home-owners and end up in the illegal gun market. Make sure you are not drinking while carrying or near your gun. Make sure you don't find it too easy to shoot someone while you are angry or depressed. This is what I am talking about.


  1. japete, I may agree with you: I would prefer that violent extremists not have guns. Please forgive me for not giving you a blank check to do anything you want in the name of doing something about that.

    Perhaps if you presented a sufficiently detailed proposal, I can examine it to determine if it might accomplish the goal with overly infringing upon the rights of law-abiding gunowners. If so, I might agree to support the proposal.

  2. Jay- I don't have a proposal. I am not a lawmaker. What about you? But if any of these people are former felons, they should not have their guns. That would be a start. They are most likely "law abiding"citizens. Until they get arrested for plotting to kill government officials like the 4 old guys in Georgia, they will continue to amass their arsenals and spew their hatred. Where are they getting their ideas? Should we list them as "terrorists" as in of the home grown variety. The Dept. of Homeland Security and Southern Poverty Law Center know about the militia and neo-Nazi groups. You can be sure they are watching these folks for possible insurrectionist activity. But until we have the next Oklahoma City event or Holocaust Museum shooting, these folks will walk and work amongst us as if they are just your average gun guy. I hope you are not one of them.

  3. "No one dead in this one but a young Minnesota woman is in a whole lot of trouble for shooting a man in Superior, Wisconsin."

    From the posted article
    According to the criminal complaint:

    The victim had just arrived home to his apartment and was talking on his cell phone to Ross, who was his girlfriend. As the victim approached his apartment door, an unknown black male wearing a face mask popped out from the landing with a handgun, demanding the victim’s necklace

    "Sometimes it's true that guns discharge when dropped. I just wrote about that in my post about Plaxico Burress."

    Odd Every story I have read have it the same way he grabbed for the gun and it fired. I think he actually did pull the trigger.

    Around 1:50 a.m., as Burress fumbled with the glass in his hand, the .40-caliber Glock slipped down his leg, and as he grabbed at it, he accidentally pulled the trigger and shot himself in the thigh. Witnesses reported hearing a "pop" as his legs started to quiver and the pistol dropped from his pant leg to the floor.

    Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,463066,00.html#ixzz1cqvaA9FP

  4. I am not a lawmaker either, but as a concerned citizen I pat attention to proposals from lawmakers and examine them to determine if they might accomplish their goals without overly infringing upon the rights of law-abiding gunowners.

    I suspect that you are right: There are extremists who will walk among us until they actually commit violence or sufficiently plan or threaten to do so. It's good to know that you are not seeking any legislation that would curtails rights before those lines are crossed.

  5. I can't see what could be done other than to watch and then arrest the ones who have actual plans to act. I think they are generally scary folks who are wrong about what the gun violence prevention folks are all about and wrong about what the Obama administration will or will not do. They have managed to get themselves into a froth over things that are just not true and will just not happen. But it sure does keep gun sales up, doesn't it?

  6. "They have managed to get themselves into a froth over things that are just not true and will just not happen."

    The UK has managed, over the last 70-80 years, pretty much universal citizen disarmament. So, for that matter, has Australia. So clearly, it can happen.

    To date, you've been consistent in pushing for more restrictions on civilian ownership, carry, and use of firearms.

    That can be reconciled with your claims that you do not support universal disarmament only if there is some degree of gun control that you would consider to be enough, and after which you would no longer push for yet more restrictions.

    What point would that be?

    How much is enough?

  7. japete said...
    I can't see what could be done other than to watch and then arrest the ones who have actual plans to act

    The charge would be conspiracy to commit ________ (insert whatever the plan would commit if they succeeded) Just like they charged a bunch of people here with during the RNC. I am sure a craft DA could think up another few too.

  8. But it sure does keep gun sales up, doesn't it?

    Actually according to Media Matter it does not


  9. I know you don't believe anything I write or say jdege. Why do you bother to read my blog anyway? It's a useless exercise in futility because I must just *&^% you off. So if you can't take me at my word, we're done. You might just as well go hang around someone else's blog and bother the ^%$# out of them, too. Or you could try to just keep haranguing me until I "cry uncle" and give in to your ridiculous assertions. Short of that, as I've told you before, if all else fails, I am going to organize my friends and we're coming for your guns. You had better get them into your safe soon. You never know when this could happen. We're a dangerous group, us gun violence prevention folks. Sneaky, too. Have a nice evening jdege. Don't send me any more comments. You get tiresome after a few.

  10. Yup, Anthony- you've got that right. I've been on the phone with the DAs all over the country to drum up some charges.

  11. Thanks for that link, Anthony. I love it when you guys send me something useful to my own point of view. Great stuff. Have a good Saturday evening. You've now pretty much exhausted anything you have to say on this post. Don't forget to turn your clock back so you can get an extra hour of sleep. Then you can be ready to do battle with the gun violence prevention bloggers tomorrow.

  12. Unfortunately, there has been one gunshot fatality in the deer hunting season in Minnesota- http://www.duluthnewstribune.com/event/article/id/214075/group/homepage/

  13. It's sad that every year hunters are killed in accidents. This one is a teen-ager who shot himself while dealing with his jacket. http://www.duluthnewstribune.com/event/article/id/214209/group/homepage/

  14. More hunting deaths and accidents. http://ohhshoot.blogspot.com/2011/11/two-injured-one-killed-in-maine-hunting.html