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Monday, November 28, 2011

Getting ready for Christmas

I don't know about you, but I always think it's a great idea to have your kids pose with a gun while sitting on Santa's lap. Why not? And to boot, you can shoot a machine gun. Kids and guns and Christmas. What a great holiday peace message for your friends and families. Let's see now, about 8 kids a day are killed by guns. Kids actually get their hands on guns and shoot themselves or siblings or friends accidentally fairly frequently. It's a terrible tragedy. To have the gun rights extremists exploiting guns in this way is sick and dangerous. But if you care more about your sales than human lives, anything goes. Plus- apparently it's really fun to shoot a machine gun so why not bring your family along to this hearty and safe family affair?  Does anyone remember when a Physician took his 8 year old boy to a Massachusetts gun range and let him shoot off a machine gun? Does anyone remember what happened? Well, I do. A bullet from the machine gun hit the boy in the brain as it recoiled. The little boy shot himself. So Merry Christmas everyone and you can see the video of the news show about the Arizona gun club photo below:

Or you could check out this web video from USAAmmo.com and get ready for the coming gun confiscation by buying your ammo now during the holiday season. Doesn't this video just make you feel jolly all over?

It's hard to wrap your head around anything happy during the holiday season after watching that menacing video with the grating and scary music. And in case you are feeling all grumpy during the shopping season after watching the video above, be careful out there. Some people with permits to carry can actually act on their grumpiness by threatening to shoot you if you take their parking space in a crowded shopping mall parking lot. Check out this Pennsylvania permit holder showing his gun to someone when they took what he perceived to be his parking spot. I have an idea. Leave your gun at home this holiday season. You will feel more free without that thing hanging from a holster or wherever you carry your gun and we will all be safer. If you are so paraonoid while shopping, there's something wrong with your view of the world. Most people get along just fine without a firearm while shopping. I mean, when you have your hands full of packages how would you even get to your gun if there was an actual threat? Instead, the actual threat may come from the people carrying their guns in case of a threat. Go figure.

I hate to go all "grinchy" here but really, can't we leave guns out of the holiday season? Common sense tells us that at the very least, they should not mix with children and Santa Clause. Common sense should have told that to the owner of the Arizona gun club that sponsored the photo op but instead he said on camera that it was just to provide some fun for people. Really? This story is all over the news today. I have heard it at least twice on radio programs and once on a national television news story in addition to reading several articles about it. Here's a fellow blogger from Arizona who sees the photo op as just another excuse to ramp up gun sales and introduce children to the culture of guns. Most of the reports find this whole thing ridiculous and inappropriate, to say the least.

And common sense tells us that the USAAmmo ( where you can buy "ammo with attitude", whatever the heck that means) video about "gun control" resulting in the deaths of millions of people world-wide is not to be believed. The video is so over the top and outrageous as to be a parody of itself. The truth of the matter about "gun control" as seen through the lens of gun rights extremists is different as we find out from the Southern Poverty Law Center who wrote a blog about this video. This sordid video is used to hype up fear and paranoia and to sell guns and ammo. Who needs this during the holiday season with the country in the midst of an economic down turn and people feeling vulnerable?  I find the whole thing repugnant and I hope my readers agree.


  1. That USAammo video reminds us of how important guns are, for protection of self and of country, against governments foreign and domestic.

    Thanks for posting the video.

    Merry Christmas.

  2. FBI reports over 129,000 background checks for gun purchases on a single day, 'Black Friday'.

    Merry Christmas.