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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Why oh why?

Some days it's hard to put into words what is happening on the streets and in homes and shops in America. But here is yet another mass shooting in Seal Beach, California. Eight people are dead in a senseless domestic dispute. The gunman had an arsenal of guns and wore "body armor". He knew what he was doing. Why oh why do people think they are going to solve their problems with guns? Why oh why are guns the weapon of choice in domestic disputes? Because they are more deadly and more likely to do the job. Because in America, guns are used every day to kill people. Because in America we have mass shootings on a regular basis so why not try one yourself? Because guns are so readily available and easy to use that people sometimes don't even think twice about the real life affects of what they are doing. How could they? Did this man really get that he will be in prison now for the rest of his life? Did he understand that his anger with one person would lead to the death of 8 people? Was he expecting return fire or why was he wearing a protective vest? Where did he get his guns?

And please don't start in on California gun laws which are stricter than most other states. And please don't say that surely someone inside of this beauty shop could have stopped the shooter who swooped in totally unexpected and started shooting with no warning or time to react. We all know how easy it is for people to get their guns from neighboring states with looser gun laws. It's easy to go to a gun show and buy guns with no background checks in other states. California has a ban on assault type rifles. If this man used an assault rifle, where did he get it? Guns are stolen, guns are bought through straw purchases, guns are sometimes not reported missing by bad apple gun dealers. Guns are too easy to get for people like this guy who had a mission. More will be released about the shooter and maybe a few questions will be answered. But the big question won't be- why? These shootings keep happening over and over again. What are we doing about it? Nothing. We are loosening gun laws in our country, not making them stronger. As a result- more deaths, more grief, more funerals, more sadness and more changed lives. Where is common sense?


  1. Actually as you know there has been nation wide restrictions on assault rifles since they started taxing and licensing them in 1934 with the National Firearms Act. You also know that in 1986 NFA halted the manufacture of assault rifles for the civilian market and currently limits legal civilian ownership to units produced and properly registered with the BATFE before May 1986.

    Now If you mean assault weapon ban then you would be correct. In all the reports I see no mention of the weapons he used or their configuration. It will also be interesting to find out how he obtained the weapons. I guess I will wait for the facts instead of a WAG.

  2. OOPs It should have been the Gun Control Act of 1968 not 1934

  3. Here's an update about the shooter at the California beauty salon. http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/lanow/2011/10/seal-beach-shooting-suspect-suffered-ptsd-from-boat-injury.html

    This man had lots of problems due to an accident caused disability and post traumatic stress. Were guns a good idea for him given his state of mind and body?

    And this one reporting that the woman had been abused by the shooter. http://abcnews.go.com/US/seal-beach-massacre-killed-california-salon-shooting/story?id=14726230

  4. If I had been in the salon and if said salon had been in a state that recognizes my right to carry a firearm, I would have returned fire. Cowards like this shooter attack where they know that they'll find helpless victims.

    Of course, I cut my my own hair, so I don't go to salons.