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Monday, September 12, 2011

The sixth week; more stupid and dangerous....

  1. It's not a good idea to be an NRA certified instructor who doesn't actually give instruction to gun permit applicants as this guy in Ohio was doing. But, oh well, I guess it's not too important that those who carry loaded guns around in public do so after receiving training. One wonders if there are others out there who are letting people loose on our streets with permits without proper training?
  2. Labor Day week-end was dangerous in some parts of New York City. " The shootings followed a weekend rife with gun violence. More than 30 people were wounded by firearms in the city over the holiday weekend, the authorities said." Wow. Happy Labor Day. Guns are dangerous.
  3. Guns and illegal (or legal) drugs just don't go together. This story about an area in the California mountains virtually taken over by marijuana growers reveals a pocket of violence similar to a war zone according to the article. To protect the illegal marijuana growing effort, naturally, the growers turn to guns to stave off anyone who wants to stop them. 
  4. The NRA has lost yet again in court. This time, a federal judge refused to block an administration order for requiring border state gun dealers to report multiple long gun sales. ""I'm very skeptical if there is irreparable harm," Collyer told lawyers for the gun dealers after they had said their clients had to set up costly new systems and that there were more costs to regularly produce the information for the ATF."
  5. Oops- this New Jersey police chief was irresponsible in granting a permit to carry to a local City Councilor with a criminal record. So much for making sure that all of those permit holders out there are law abiding citizens.
  6. I already wrote about the two mass shootings of last Tuesday in a previous post. 
  7. Here is a great OpEd piece by Cliff Schecter about the false assertions made by the NRA's Chris Cox about a forthcoming vote on "national conceal and carry." Don't believe Cox for a minute. The NRA doesn't generally like gun laws but here is one they love. How about if we just use the laws already on the books- the infamous NRA mantra?
  8. Here's a good example of why those guns kept in the house for self defense may actually be more dangerous to the gun owner than to anyone he/she thinks they might be able to shoot with that gun. A 75 year old Wisconsin man thought he saw intruders in his yard but instead of shooting at anyone who might or might not have been outside, he shot himself. Stupid and dangerous.
  9. It's only Tuesday and the list is growing longer and longer. What is it with guns accidentally discharging outside of grocery stores?  I believe this is the 3rd one I have written about. This time, it was in Arizona where no training or permit is needed to carry loaded guns around in public places. Great idea, right? Maybe not. Guns are dangerous. Where is common sense?
  10. If you look at the bottom of this article, you will see the entry about a failed burglary. Read on and you will see this: "The suspect has a permit to carry a concealed weapon but did not have a gun when he was arrested. No one was injured during the incident, police said. Charges are expected against the man today." Oh dear, those dang permit holders shouldn't be doing something like this. They are all law abiding, aren't they? I guess not.
  11. Over at the Ohh Shoot blog, you can see several entries about accidental discharges of guns. I recommend that you read this blog because it shows how often guns fire accidentally or are fired accidentally. Guns are dangerous. Haven't I told you that before? Sadly, once again, a gun owner left a loaded gun sitting around and a toddler found it. Now the toddler is very seriously injured. Senseless.
  12. It's not often that humor enters into this blog. But here is a great video of a robber dressed as "Gumby" fumbling in his costume to get his gun out of his pocket. You can see that he couldn't get at his gun. What was he thinking? I guess I can now write that guns and costumes don't go together.
  13. Here's a guy who should not have guns at all, let alone a collection of them. Too bad he called attention to himself by pointing a gun at someone. I hope he serves a lot of time. At least he was caught by the authorities before he did harm. I mean, after all, he had machine guns. You can't even buy those unless you have a special license and can pass a background check. He was a prohibited purchaser, having a criminal record. Now let me get this straight- the guy guys tell me how hard it is to get machine guns and you have to go through a lot to buy one. I wonder if one of them can explain to me how this guy came to own machine guns?
  14. In another shooting in Minnesota ( there have been a lot here lately) a 16 year old boy "snapped" and shot his step-father. It's one thing to "snap" and have an argument or a fist fight. It's quite another when a teen-ager knows exactly where the guns are in the house and can get one out to shoot someone living in his home. It was either that or killing himself, according to the story. Guns are dangerous and elevate difficult situations to dangerous and lethal situations. The man is still alive in this incident, at least for now.
  15. Here is more information about the shooter at the Nevada IHOP last week. The shooter was mentally ill and on medications to treat his illness.  He should not have had access to guns. How did he get those guns? I hope we find that out soon.
  16. As a result of the passage of the permit to carry loaded guns in Wisconsin and the upcoming Nov. 1 enactment of the law, the University of Wisconsin now has to spend time and money posting signs as to where guns are allowed. They have decided to allow guns in parking lots. Is this a good idea? It depends on what goes on in parking lots. How about pre-football game tailgating where alcohol is consumed? Jonathan Kaczmarek, a 32-year-old UW-Madison alumnus on campus to attend Thursday's Badger football opener, said he had no problem with the new policy but worried a bit about tailgaters with weapons and weapons left in cars, which he said pose a risk of theft. It's the responsibility of gun owners to deal responsibly with their weapons given the ban on them in university buildings, he said." Duh.
  17. People are innocent until proven guilty but this home town story from the Duluth News Tribune does raise a bunch of questions. Why would someone who allegedly shoots himself want to blame it on someone else? At first this white man claimed that a black man shot him. Now he has changed the story. Whatever. Shooting oneself accidentally, if that is what happened, must be pretty embarrassing. But when you have a criminal record and are carrying a gun around with you in a car and then you shoot yourself, you surely don't want law enforcement to think this gun was yours because you shouldn't have had it in the first place. So just blame it on a fictional shooting incident and maybe it will look better? I think this man is in serious trouble.
  18. And of course we have gone over this one before but another article has been written about the failure of the Republicans in the Senate to even give a fair hearing to a nominee for the Director of the ATF. This is ridiculous on so many levels, not the least of which is that we have serious problems in this country with gun trafficking both within our borders and to countries outside of our borders. The agency needs to have a Director working on these issues of concern. It has gone without a Director for years because Congressional NRA members have held up attempts to appoint one. Former Idaho Senator Larry Craig, an NRA member, wouldn't allow a hearing because a gun dealer in his state had a problem with the nominee. Really? Yes, really.
  19. So the gun used by the Nevada IHOP shooter was once banned in this country. Where did this mentally ill man get the gun? Where and why do people like this get their guns? 
  20. Here is yet another article about the hypocrisy showing through in the gun lobby's attempts to convince the public and elected leaders that concealed loaded guns would save the day in public shootings. In the case of the Nevada IHOP shooting, an assault rifle was the weapon of choice and high capacity magazines were used. So what else is new? Permit holders are now admitting that using their own gun against such weapons doesn't work out too well. Right. Do our elected leaders see the flawed logic of the gun lobby's arguments regarding loaded guns in public?  Maybe they are so tied up in budget and jobs discussions and so busy trying to deal with the right wing nonsense about those two issues that one more issue is just too much.
  21. Will University of Wisconsin students be safer under the newly passed conceal and carry law? This student, who supports gun rights, doesn't think so. "The risks of allowing students to arm themselves on campus is too high. Think of it this way: Would you like the people you see drunk at a bar or riled up at a football game having a gun? What about someone who was barely able to pass a bogus gun safety class? This law could potentially lead to these people carrying guns."


  1. "Now let me get this straight- the guy guys tell me how hard it is to get machine guns and you have to go through a lot to buy one. I wonder if one of them can explain to me how this guy came to own machine guns?"

    Well based on the article he either illegally converted them, or had a shoelace as per this paragraph. "Polinski pleaded guilty to two counts of possession of a firearm by a felon and one count each of possession of a machine gun and unregistered manufacturing of a firearm."

    Or he got them with the help of the ATF like the other felons based on this paragraph. "per the request of the government, sealed the 14-page plea agreement and the transcript of the hearing."

  2. Yes the violent crime of letting your wife stay on food stamps should bar one from owning a gun and probably voting maybe even the 5th and lets even toss out the 7th for good measure. I do find it funny that you can be an elected official and that you seem not to have a problem with dangerous criminals like him holding a public office.

  3. Also in #19 the ban on some firearms and ammo still stands (I believe you can import some shotguns still) it was not part of the assault weapons ban that expired

  4. Speaking to number 1, the NRA takes this issue quite seriously. The gentleman who did my NRA instructor training is also tasked with attending NRA classes in order to ensure that the instructors are doing what they are supposed to. He has gotten several licenses pulled.

  5. "So the gun used by the Nevada IHOP shooter was once banned in this country."

    This is inaccurate. Firearms manufactured by Norinco were banned from import into the United States in 1994 - but they were not banned from possession, sale, or resale if they were already imported.

    You can still find Norincos for sale (used) in gun shops, etc.