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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Scandinavian countries reconsider gun laws

As I predicted, Norway and other Scandinavian countries are reconsidering their gun laws in light of the tragedy last month in Norway. It makes a lot of sense for a national discussion to take place about gun laws after a terrible spree shooting that takes the lives of many citizens. Reeling from their own encounters with senseless gun violence, many Finns experienced the tragedy in neighbouring Norway as another assault on their own security and the traditionally peaceful region as a whole." Only in America do we not have that discussion. As per my post earlier today, it's because America has a gun rights organization that wields out sized power and makes sure that nothing changes, no matter what. No matter that 32 people are shot to death at one time at Virginia Tech. No matter that 13 people are shot to death at Columbine High School. No matter that 6 people were shot to death at a Tucson shopping mall and a United States Congresswoman was severely injured. No matter. Let's just keep loosening our gun laws and making guns even more available and more accessible and more frequently carried in public places. Sometimes up is down and vice verse. Where is common sense?


  1. Your post belies belief. Perhaps you forget that ever since the soviets invaded Finland in 1939 and were held to a standstill largely by an armed populace who could fight in the war, the finns have been chomping at the bit for independence. The Finn quoted in the article is a hold over from the socialist years and is no more a reliable source of the feelings of the people than is a Walter Mondale or al gore is today.

    The article is wrong regarding Swedish gun ownership as well, there are strict laws but Ownership and possession are widely held rights.

    Suggesting that because a politician has a news conference and says we need to do something means there is a national debate going on is similar to suggesting anyone listens to Charles schumer or barbara boxer here. Both are irrelevant in the long term and both represent a comic fringe.

  2. I always love it when you guys claim to know more than most anyone about gun laws and gun rights. The article indicates that there is interest in changing the laws. I know there is discussion about it from e-mails from relatives in Norway.

  3. Japete: “Only in America do we not have that discussion.”

    Oh, we have the discussion. It is just that you are not winning the debate (on a national level).

    So do you think Norway should have tighter regulations? One of the reasons you are not winning the debate is that your side claims to only be after a few “reasonable” things- all of which Norway already has.

  4. You're not the only one with relatives in scandinaivia. The discussions in Norway and sweden are currently far more concerned with immigration,economics and social assimilation than with guns.

    Understand the underlying issues before opening a discussion on a topic which goes to the very core of their society. Immigration has been a nuclear bomb to the society. Certain cities are experiencing turmoil at unprecedented levels.

  5. Honestly, yes, we know more about gun laws and gun rights than most anyone. I carry a pistol around with me for my own self defense, but my keeping and bearing of that arm is highly regulated with draconian penalties if I should ever err and mistakenly break a firearms law. These include long jail sentences, huge fines, the loss of all my weapons forever, and a huge black mark against being hired ever again.

    It is therefore of the utmost importance that I know the specific rights protected for me by the federal and ohio constitutions, and the laws governing my possession and use thereof.

    Therefore, I have educated myself far beyond the lay person's grasp of gun laws and gun rights. Feel free to quiz me on any aspect of federal or ohio state gun laws. I'll answer your questions live on skype.

  6. I know that and I respect how much you all know about the gun laws. Thanks. Skype? Hmm. That would be interesting. Maybe some day I will take you up on that.