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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

In memory...

Once again, I found myself at a memorial for shooting victims. This time, it was for the victims of the Norwegian attacks which killed 76 people, 68 of them victims of the bullets of a crazed man. Many Minnesotans and many Duluthians have ties to Norway. There are also quite a few native Norwegians living in Duluth. Tonight, one of them spoke the words of the Norwegian King Harald in both Norwegian and English from the beautiful Enger Tower overlooking the city of Duluth. Here are the last lines of the speech he gave to the people of Norway after the heinous attacks of last week. " I remain steadfast in my belief that freedom is stronger than fear. I remain steadfast in my belief in an open Norwegian democracy and society. I remain steadfast in my belief that it is possible to live freely and securely in our own land." These brave and heart rending words were meant to tell the Norwegians that this lone terrorist would not change the country of Norway.

Another Norwegian woman sang a song that was written by a Norwegian poet after World War II for the youth of the country. We walked from the tower down a path to a Japanese Peace Bell to lay down our flowers and candles. In quiet, people rang the Peace Bell in memory of the victims. As always with bell ringing events, it was powerful and poignant. This is the place where Norwegian King Harald will come in October to celebrate the refurbishing of the beautiful stone tower with a view overlooking the city of Duluth. The tower was dedicated by his father, Olav, when he was the Crown Prince of Norway. I hope he will feel the sadness and the support of the people of Duluth who understand that violence is never the answer. As the names of the victims are slowly released, we remember them with heavy hearts. Flowers, candles and ringing bells cannot bring them back to their loved ones. Many of them were teen-agers and young adults. Their lives were cut short by bullets and bombs. Where is common sense?


  1. Really, Lebanon, Oregon? Your comments, as you know, are not welcome here as I have mentioned before. You do persist. They are tiring and offensive. Please find another place to leave your rude comments.

  2. I'd like to join you in mourning the dead and especially the children. We approach life differently but our common ground is that we share the wish violence is never visited on anyone. That our children represent the best of us, our hopes and our optimism that they will live in a better world than ours.

    You are right. Nothing can bring them back. It wasn't until I became a father that the full truth of that hit me.

    There is no common sense, there is no sense at all to be had from this loss. No understanding, no peace. Only the insanity of an evil man that plotted for almost a decade to bring this upon the innocent and helpless.

    I could argue this or that point, but some other day.

    Today we agree.

  3. Very poignant, Joan. What a sad time for the people of Norway. Thank you for being brave enough to cover this challenging topic. No matter what one believes, it's a topic must be examined from all sides.