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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bad apples

Michael Gesty is a bad apple. And we wonder where felons and others who shouldn't have them get their guns? Not any more. Gesty, a Tucson gun dealer was helping folks make machine guns from his shop! Really. He also allowed straw purchases for guns. Here is another article about the same dealer.  Why would someone think he could get away with this? Gesty bragged on his company's website: " He bragged on his gunshop's website: "The company’s website promoted Spartan Armory as “Tucson’s best choice for your self defense and survival needs.”" Survival? What does that mean exactly?

"The indictment alleges that Gesty, a federally licensed firearms dealer, doing business as Spartan Armory and Black Wolf Weapons, instructed and assisted others in making several fully automatic machinegun rifles. The indictment also alleges that Gesty, a habitual user of marijuana, made a false statement when applying for his federal firearms license by stating that he was not a user of marijuana or any controlled substance, and unlawfully possessed several firearms and ammunition both at his residence and business while being a user of marijuana. The indictment further alleges that Gesty failed to keep required records of several firearms sales he made through his business, and that he also instructed and encouraged others to make false statements in Gesty's business records." It looks like Gesty is in a whole lot of trouble.

Questions to ask: 1.) Why would a gun dealer help customers ( or friends) make machine guns? 2.) Why does anyone need a machine gun? 3.) How many more "bad apple" dealers like this are operating in our country? 4.) Why do the NRA sponsored elected leaders insist on keeping the ATF underfunded so that the agency can't adequately monitor the thousands of gun dealers and gun shows around the country? But I digress.

Hugh Crumpler is a bad apple. He got caught in an illegal gun smuggling operation stopped by the ATF.The gun rights extremists, Fox News, some conservative Congressmen and others are trying to tie this successful operation to the ATF's failed "Fast and Furious" operation. Why would they do this? Are they so bent on destroying the ATF, the Justice Department and the President that they would lie about this ATF effort? Or do they just love to hype up the accusations to get attention by passing along  information they know is not true? I'm just asking. Some in Florida may have been surprised by this -" Hugh Crumpler III, a well-known Central Florida bass fishing guide, pleaded guilty in June to charges of unlicensed firearms dealing and possession of unregistered firearms. He faced up to 15 years in prison." What would cause a popular local sportsman to get involved in this operation? Follow the money. Guns and gun trafficking are big business. We know about gun manufacturers and their pockets deep enough to give the NRA $280,000 .( see my previous post) Read on for more about a gun manufacturer who also didn't follow the rules.

Kahr Arms is a "bad apple" gun manufacturer who was sued on behalf of Danny Guzman by the Brady Center's Legal Action Project. Kahr found itself on the wrong end of the law suit as it now has to pay $600,000 to Guzman's family. Why? Guzman was shot to death in 1999 by a gun manufactured by Kahr. Unfortunately for the gun maker, they let employees walk out of the business with guns in hand because of improper security and negligent hiring practices. They also failed to report guns missing. In 5 years, 50 guns disappeared. It was one of these guns used to kill Danny Guzman. Now Danny's 2 children are teen-agers. They are without their Dad who died a senseless death because of shoddy business practices by a gun manufacturer. 

Common sense tells us that gun dealers and manufacturers need to follow the rules. A fraction of "bad apple" dealers and manufacturers can make a bad name for the rest. It is little comfort to the families of those who suffer from a mistake made by folks who deal with guns for a living, that the number of "bad apples" is small. All it takes is one mistake and one bullet for a family to suffer the grief of a lost loved one. It is worth the time and effort on the part of law enforcement and the ATF to continue monitoring those who make and sell weapons that are designed to kill people. Lives depend on it. 


  1. "Kahr found itself on the wrong end of the law suit as it now has to pay $600,000 to Guzman's family."

    But...but...but I heard that negligent gun manufacturers had been given immunity from lawsuits. It now appears that such claims were (must be diplomatic here) not true. Gun manufacturers CAN be sued when there is REAL negligence.

  2. Regarding KahrArms, you'll recall a few months back we had a discussion about supposed "imunity" from lawsuits where many postsers here were trying to clear up a misconception. This case is solid proof there it is no imunity from legitimate lawsuits for the firearm industry. Can you agree on that now?

  3. Michael James Gesty, 46, was arrested Thursday by agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives on a warrant issued as the result of a nine-count indictment

    Arrested, and if convicted will spend a lot of years in federal prison. And that is a good place for him. I think too much of my FFL to break the law. I have never made a "questionable" sale. Every sale I make meets all of the NICS requirements.

    I know how to build a machinegun. I just don't have the desire. There is a special license for that and I don't want to invest $2000 to build something I don't have any use for. If I want to shoot a machine gun, I know who to contact to do it legally.

    The number of corrupt dealers is less than 1%. The ATF is eradicating them slowly but surely. Meanwhile, those of us that follow the law appreciate the job the Honest ATF agents do.
    I sincerely hope the bunch of crooked agents that allowed guns to be smuggled are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I don't know or care how high it goes. If it Goes all the way to the Whitehouse, so be it. Their failed plan is a embarrassment to every honest citizen in the country.

    Kahr arms hired a convicted felon that lied on his application. Complete guns did not leave the factory. They were taken out a piece at a time (think the Johnny Cash song) by someone that shouldn't have been working there. It isn't hard to snatch a frame before it reaches the serial number stage. The rest of the parts are easy to get as they are small and fit nicely in a pocket. I'm sure security checked lunch boxes. That was standard practice when I worked in a factory. I bet background checks at Kahr are a lot more in depth now. I haven't heard if the arrested the convicted felon that broke several laws to sneak the guns out.

  4. Geisty may or may not be guilty as sin. But are you aware that at one point the BATF ruled that having a piece of string or shoes with shoelaces while in the same house as a semi-automatic rifle was being in possession of a machine gun? (http://blog.princelaw.com/2009/7/8/nfa-and-constructive-possession-myth-or-reality). If I explained to you how the shoelace could cause the rifle to fire rapidly I would be guilty of "instructing and encouraging" you to make a machine gun.

    Did you know that if you are charged with a crime but haven't been convicted yet and you know where your husband keeps the keys to the gun cabinet or know the combination that you are guilty of illegal possession of a firearm? See the BATF uses "constructive possession" to make their cases. (http://blog.princelaw.com/2009/7/8/nfa-and-constructive-possession-myth-or-reality). You don't have to have actually committed a crime yet to be charged, you just have to have the wherewithal. For example if you have nuts, bolts and washers in your house and a piece of tubing, you could be charged with the illegal possession of a surpressor. If you own a Ruger Charger Pistol and a Ruger 1022 rifle you are guilty of possession of a short barreled rifle. Now Thompson Center makes a pistol with interchangeable barrels to change calibers and a rifle with the same features. In the past if you owned both you could go to jail for possession of a short barrelled rifle. Fortunately the Supreme Court ruled that that was unconstitutional but they didn't say anything about Rugers so guess what.

    Use a little Google-fu and you can find a video of the head of the BATF instructing his employees to commit perjury. (http://www.atfabuse.com/atfabuse-1.html)

  5. Some good advice here, Robin. 1.- keep yourself out of trouble if you own a machine gun since you might get into more trouble if someone else in your house knows the combination ( for example- kids, who had better not have that combination in any case)
    2. No case has been brought so far so this is all speculation.
    3. Regarding the quotes from an ATF Director, where is the actual video? I can't know whether the quotes are accurate unless there is a link to the actual video. Otherwise, it could be hearsay.

  6. "1.) Why would a gun dealer help customers ( or friends) make machine guns?"

    They shouldn't - it's not legal.

    " 2.) Why does anyone need a machine gun?"

    They are a lot of fun to shoot. I'd like to own a few.

    "3.) How many more "bad apple" dealers like this are operating in our country?"

    Not sure, but I hope not many. I hope the ones that are out there are caught by law enforcement.

    "4.) Why do the NRA sponsored elected leaders insist on keeping the ATF underfunded so that the agency can't adequately monitor the thousands of gun dealers and gun shows around the country? "

    I generally don't have issues with individual ATF agents - but it's hard to want to give ATF more enforcement money & power when they keep doing dumb strategic operations like "Operation Fast & Furious"

  7. Really, Lebanon, Oregon, your immature and offensive comments are tiring. They are also harassing.

  8. That non-violent, unarmed revolution thing doesn't seem to be working out so well for the Syrian people right now: