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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bullets with your Brats?

Be careful out there this Memorial Day week-end everyone. Bullets could fly your way at outdoor barbecues or indoor restaurants. Who would have thought that folks waving guns would show up at a neighborhood barbecue after the recent tornado in North Minneapolis?  As we have discussed before, guns and alcohol clearly are not a good mix. But food and guns also appear to be a problem as well. In a busy restaurant in Orlando, Florida, a permit holder carrying his gun in his pants had a problem. His gun fell out of his pants and discharged, injuring 3 people. Oh dear. And it looks like going out for a Donut can also be dangerous. You might just encounter a state legislator in the parking lot of Dunkin' Donuts pointing his loaded gun at you.

You may remember the woman who was shot in the rear end by a gun discharge when a gun fell out of another patron's coat pocket in a Texas restaurant. Now she is speaking out about her injuries and what she has gone through since she was shot while "enjoying" dinner out with her husband. It would be interesting to know the medical costs for treating her injuries. She will likely suffer life long problems because of the injuries to her intestines and colon. The man who shot her? Just another law abiding gun owner.

I'm pretty sure this story is not the first one I have read about a gun going off in the bathroom of a restaurant or bar. Only this time, a worker at a bar was using the bathroom when he was unexpectedly shot in the thigh when his co-worker's gun discharged. “There has been a lot of odd activity during closing, and at the risk of anything happening at the restaurant, we had a gun here,” Sepulveda said. “But unfortunately, something did happen anyway.”" That about says it all.

And back to Minnesota but unrelated to gun discharges around food, here is bizarre case of a seemingly mentally ill gun owner claiming to be protecting children when he shot off his gun in a church parking lot. What was this man doing with a gun or guns in the first place? He was clearly having mental health problems. He was lucky those bullets didn't end up injuring/killing a person or even the children he was claiming to be protecting.

So what do these stories have in common? First, guns are inherently dangerous because they are designed to kill or injure. Second, there are some people who should not have guns and we can do something about it but we aren't. Third, even law abiding gun owners and permit to carry holders make mistakes in public places with their guns. Fourth, sometimes people are killed or injured when these mistakes happen. Fifth, those with severe mental illness serious enough to have them committed should not have guns. Sixth, guns are not necessary in every public place in our communities. And last, where is common sense?


  1. Is there a point somewhere, japete? I have no doubt whatsoever that I could pull out any number of odd stories, on any day, about any number of items. It's a big country.

    So - what is the point here? That guns are dangerous? Well, yea - that's why the gov't should never have a monopoly on them (which is what you seek).

  2. According to the National Center for Injury Prevention, the leading cause of injury is "unintentional/fall". In 2007, 8,035,635 people were injured in falls. (Firearms don't make the top 20).

    So it seems to me, if you are really interested in making people safer, you should mandate that all clothing be manufactured with foam rubber inserts, and require everyone to wear helmets, gloves, and elbow and knee pads, at all times.

  3. Jdege. We've been around this block many times before. Firearms cause the mist injury deaths and the most violent dearths in some age brackets. Ifnot the highest the 3ndot 3rd highest. Firearms are the highest for homicides.

  4. Japete - I am not sure what constitutes a "violent" death that makes it more important than an accidental death. Looking at accidental causes of death, firearms only account for 0.8% of accidental deaths. They are ninth on the list. For overall all deaths, firearms are only responsible for 1.2% of all deaths. Seems like alot of other areas to focus on for accidents or life in general if your purpose is to limit deaths.


  5. I've not seen this source before so not sure I can trust it. The CDC WISQRS is a more trusted source for this information. Check this out http://www.cdc.gov/injury/wisqars/pdf/Death_by_Age_2007-a.pdf

    Of the 10 leading causes of death in 2007, homicide is the 3rd in ages 1-4, 4th for ages 5-9, 3rd for ages 10-14, 2nd for ages 15-24, 3rd for ages 25-34 and then it goes down. About 75% of homicides are due to firearms. So then if you look at the 10 leading causes of violent injury deaths - http://www.cdc.gov/injury/wisqars/pdf/Violence_2007-a.pdf

  6. It is good to hear these stories though. It's amazing how someone will spend $1000 on a handgun but then be too cheap to buy a decent holster that will be safe and secure.

  7. I didn't mean to publish the last comment yet. Now if you check the leading causes of violent injury death you will see that firearm homicides are the 4th leading cause of violent death for ages 5-9, the 2nd cause for ages 10-14 and 15-24 and the 3rd for ages 25-34, 4th for ages 35-44, 7th for ages 45-54 and so on. If you check this one, http://www.cdc.gov/injury/wisqars/pdf/Nonfatal_2008-a.pdf, you will see that firearms are not in the 10 leading causes of death for unintentional injury deaths. Accidental firearms injuries do not account for very many but of course, any injury or death caused by an accidental firearms discharge is one too many because it is so preventable and senseless. This one shows 10 leading causes of injury deaths and you can see that unintentional firearms deaths are in the top 10 leading causes in several age categories. So yes, the bottom line is that firearms cause a lot of deaths and are among the leading causes depending on how you compare them. These tables are very accurate because the agency is designed to keep track of such things.

  8. And yet another shooting in a restaurant- this time the victim was a cop.

  9. And was the shooter a permit holder?

    No, of course not.

    Of course, sometimes the shooters are cops:


  10. I don't know what you are suggesting here, jdege- " When five SWAT members broke through the front door Guerena was crouched down pointing the gun at them, said O'Connor.
    "The suspect said, 'I've got something for you,' when he saw them," O'Connor said. Guerena's wife denied he said that." It sounds like many questions to be answered here but when a man points an AR 15 at police officers, they are not likely to turn around and walk away.

  11. I'd probably point a gun at someone breaking down my front door, unannounced, as well...

  12. I don't question the cops for shooting, given the circumstances. I question the bosses who put them in those circumstances.

    There are some circumstances where SWAT raids are appropriate. This wasn't one of them.

  13. It doesn't sound like we have enough information yet. If anyone finds out what happened here, let me know.

  14. http://www.cato.org/raidmap/

  15. Sorry jdege. The Cato Institute is just not an unbiased source. And what the %$#@ does this mean from the source and the map?- " Unnecessary raids on doctors and sick people." Are there really raids on doctors and sick people. That's a first for me. As far as I know there has never been one in my town or among any of the many doctors I happen to know in my town or elsewhere. This is just plain nonsense. And I thought you were the guys who were interested in shooting people who were unarmed if they presented a perceived threat- " Death of a nonviolent offender" Come on. You can't be seriously thinking this is anything credible.

  16. http://missoulanews.bigskypress.com/IndyBlog/archives/2010/02/10/more-nuggets-on-the-green-rush

  17. Nice try, jdege-really a stretch. I would say a few quacks are out there. But have they been attacked as the Cato article would intimate? Sounds like good reason to arrest them. You will have to do better than this one. It's not even an example of what the article purports to be happening. Do you guys just make things up as you go along?

  18. Please don't send me any more of these stupid articles. They are irrelevant and don't prove one thing. Thanks.

  19. Awhile back you said something to the effect that you'd never felt the reason to be armed while out grocery shopping or attending a hockey game (if I recall correctly).

    For all your anecdotes, apparently you aren't that concerned about an accidental discharge from a gun owner, either. It isn't stopping you from living your life, is it?

  20. Nope. I'm generally not around too many people carrying guns around but I or someone I love could get shot by an accidental gun discharge if more people start carrying in more places.That's my point. Oh yes that's right someone I loved was shot to death; it must be strange to you that I don't carry a gun as a result 'cuz I'm sure you would. We live in 2 different worlds.

  21. "Jdege. We've been around this block many times before. Firearms cause the mist injury deaths and the most violent dearths in some age brackets. Ifnot the highest the 3ndot 3rd highest. Firearms are the highest for homicides. "

    For the thousandth time.

    Guns are inanimate. They have no will, no choice. They CAUSE nothing.

    Its the people, the user.

    Cars do not cause drunk driving

    Beers do not cause drunk driving

    Spoons do not cause over eating.

    Its simple, but you keep dropping the lines

    "guns cause homicides" they do not. Never have, never will.

  22. "Nope. I'm generally not around too many people carrying guns around but I or someone I love could get shot by an accidental gun discharge if more people start carrying in more places.That's my point. Oh yes that's right someone I loved was shot to death; it must be strange to you that I don't carry a gun as a result 'cuz I'm sure you would. We live in 2 different worlds."

    Nope, we live in the same world, we just see it with open eyes. about 2 percent of the adults in Minnesota have carry permits. That means for every fifty people you walk past, 1 has a legal gun. SO you are around people every day who have a gun. IN the mall, at the Grocery store, at the movies, you just choose to ignore the facts.

    I have had several close friends and a couple of relatives killed in car accidents, yet I still ride in cars and drive them as well. Your analogy is useless.

    I have a good friend who had an accident with a chain saw and died. I still use a chainsaw.

    I knew a woman killed on the Pentagon Flight, yet I still use airliners.

    We understand risk, we understand as well the point of being prepared. You drive in winter unprepared, we do not.

  23. Yeah- I'm really a loser. I drive in the winter unprepared, according to you all. I just can't believe you are still on that ridiculous exchange of comments a while back. Apparently sublety is not your strong suit, nor is any attempt at making light of something or a little humor. You missed the whole point of the winter driving thing. But I'm so glad it's summer now so I won't have to worry about it for a while. You have totally missed my point, usual and we do live in different worlds. Trust me, it's true,P.

  24. "I'm generally not around too many people carrying guns around but I or someone I love could get shot by an accidental gun discharge if more people start carrying in more places."

    First, how do you know? With 82,000+ permit holders in Minnesota presently, plus individuals from other states with permits that MN recognizes, you're likely around individuals carrying all the time. You just don't know.

    You also came to the MN Capitol and testified in a room filled with individuals opposed to your point of view - many of which were armed (some concealed, some openly). No one was accidentally shot - and it appears that no one was involved in a shootout over parking spaces that day.

    It must not have been too dangerous to be around so many individuals carrying since you showed up to testify?


  25. You must have missed the part of my saying "generally" Bryan.

  26. 91,559 rounds fired from automatic and semi-automatic weapons. Fired by those experienced and inexperienced shooters.

    Not on negligent discharge or accident.

    And that was at just one shooting event over the Memorial Day weekend. Food was involved, too. Good BBQ.

    Not one of the guns lying in wait for a shooter jumped up and shot anyone. Hundreds of shooters with hundreds of guns....not one rampage. Never felt so safe.

  27. Cargo- what are you talking about anyway? You have not referenced anything here.

  28. You were talking about bullets and brats. Just remarking about a recent gun shoot over the weekend and its great success.