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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Guns in kindergarten?

Really? Why does a kindergarten child have a loaded gun in his pocket? Insanity. Kids should definitely not have guns. Yes, there are irresponsible parents. There shouldn't be. Guns are dangerous weapons and should simply not be available to kids. The problem is they are. I read many incidents of young children who find a loaded gun at home or at a friend's house and accidentally shoot a sibling or a friend. In this Texas case, 3 children were injured, one the boy who brought the gun. " "I knew it was a gun because a gun goes 'pow,' " she told the paper. "I got really scared."" Out of the mouths of children....... Kids should not have to deal with this scenario. I have grandchildren, several in elementary school and several yet to join the school scene. This is frightening.

I will never forget hearing the mother of Kayla Rowlands speak at the Million Mom March in 2000 in Washington D.C. Kayla, age 6, was shot to death by a 6 year old in her first grade class in Flint, Michigan. Unbelievably, the boy denied having shot Kayla at the trial of the man who left his semi-automatic gun out in plain sight ripe for stealing or for a young boy to take to school. How do you explain such a horrific event? Shootings should not happen in schools, period. I suggest that there are too many guns in places where they should not be. When more guns are seen to be a good idea for self defense in homes, it is inevitable that more guns will be taken or used by more children. It's happening often enough that we should be more alarmed about it. But when the gun lobby wants to "normalize" guns in every place we live and go, maybe people will become hardened to the dangers of them. Common sense will not prevail if that happens. That is what the gun guys want. And that is why I write this blog.


  1. Joan,

    In Texas, it is already against the law to make a firearm readily accessible to a child under the age of 17.

    What law, what regulation, what rule would make parents exercise common sense?

  2. "When more guns are seen to be a good idea for self defense in homes, it is inevitable that more guns will be taken or used by more children. "

    Guns used to be to be sold directly to children if they had saved enough money, and they would be given and lent guns, and few people had safes and none had trigger locks. I haven't seen any historical reference to there being a problem 50+ years ago even though children used to have a much easier time getting their hands on guns. They also used to bring rifles to school, for the rifle team or for hunting. No record of a problem. Why is that?

    "When more guns are seen to be a good idea for self defense in homes, it is inevitable that more guns will be taken or used by more children. "

    So if people change their minds it leads to criminal firearms use by children? Care to explain how that one works?

  3. There were simply not a lot of shootings by and of children 50+ years ago. The difference? More handguns now in homes. Hunting guns were around for sport purposes and yes, SOME, did bring hunting guns to school for hunting after school though I certainly don't remember anyone doing that. It was rare. No problem? Do you remember mass school shootings 50+ years ago? There just weren't mass shootings back then? Why? Because the proliferation of hand guns and assault type guns owned by the public was not in place. It is now though. The gun manufacturers are making them and the NRA is protecting the manufacturers and keeping them in business by making sure that these guns are seen to be necessary. It was also rare for children to shoot each other in accidents though it did happen and was usually covered up by families ( as one older woman told me about this happening in her own family) Also suicides by gun by children and teens happened rarely and was also covered up by families. So yes, 50+ years ago, things were different all right. I'll take those days to what's going on now.

  4. Joan,

    You must not be following the news. According to gun control groups -- like the one you are a part of -- the percentage of households with firearms is decreasing. Not increasing.

    It isn't the number of firearms that is the problem but the morals of the few tenths of a percent that misuse them.

    What is hard to understand about that?

    By the way, care to answer just exactly what law, regulation, rule would make a parent exercise common sense?

    It is already illegal to leave a firearm where a child under 17 can access it. That is Texas state law. Would you like the citation?

    So what new law, new regulation would make a parent keep their child safe?

  5. As you well know, most states have Child Access prevention laws making the owner of the weapon liable if a child uses it in an accidental shooting or homicide. There are laws in place but with rights come responsibilities. It is too late to prosecute, if that is the route taken, once the bullet kills or injuries someone. Let's prevent it ahead of time. Parents and others are not always responsible with their guns. We see this almost daily in articles about children getting guns and shooting someone. Guns are inherently dangerous weapons designed to kill. If people have them around their homes without locking them up or unloading them, then they are irresponsible. What's to stop it? Probably nothing. But as long as we have a gun culture in this country that views guns as necessary to have around the home, these types of things will happen. Kids will get the guns. I think that homes with children should not have handguns. But that's just me. And before you get your undies in a bundle, I am not suggesting banning guns. I am suggesting that people think twice before having loaded handguns around. Other guns used for hunting, etc. should be locked up in a safe, unloaded, for use only by the adults or young people responsible enough to use them while hunting.

  6. Guns are inherently dangerous weapons designed to kill.

    Well of course they are. That is exactly why we have them, and exactly why the gov't most certainly should NOT have a monopoly on them.

    japete - I have a simple solution, and one I know you would agree with.

    The very safest place for my loaded handgun is sitting on my hip. Everywhere I go. I know exactly where it is, and I know it cannot discharge unless I pull the trigger. There is exactly zero chance of a child getting it and hurting themselves or anyone else.

    Problem solved.

    See how easy that was?

    - GMC70

  7. Nope- I don't see that as a good solution.

  8. It's a lousy solution. For one reason, that would only account for the one or two guns you carry at all times. What about all the rest?

    The solution, or at least a partial one is to hold the parents responsible when their kids are caught with guns. Jail sometimes if appropriate, but always a loss of gun rights. The same idiot gun lovers who let a kid get hold of a gun once are liable to do it again. But, not if I were king. They'd get the old one-strike-you're-out treatment.

  9. As an ardent patriot and gun-rights advocate, I believe it is the right of every six year old to carry a gun.

    Though I'm willing to compromise. Perhaps they should be required to take a safety class first.

  10. MikeB302000,

    What parent that leaves a firearm accessible to a child is going to worry about the 'punishment' if that child is caught with a gun?

    You want to talk about common sense laws, how about proposing one.

    Write up a draft of a law.

    Tell us how that law will stop irresponsible parents from being irresponsible parents.

  11. Joan,

    Bringing guns to school was not rare in most of Rural America. It was common. It might have been rarer in your location, but I think it was more so commonplace that you never noticed it.

    If you look at what almost all of the spree shooters in American history have had in common its some form of mental issues and Some form of psychotropic drugs.

    Prozac and the rest of the anti depressants work wonders for many millions of people, but there is some small number of people who become either suicidal or extremely violent under its effects.

    Simply google Prozac and mass murder. hundreds of pages of reports articles and stories about the connection between SSRI and violent outbursts. Ask your self why this never makes it into the media. Ask yourself why every major mass murderer in almost all of the major industrialized nations has been on an SSRI, of which Prozac, Zoloft, and Paxil are common brandn names.

    Skip the gun makers and the NRA and ask why the drug companies are never confronted on this.