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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Last minute Christmas gift ideas

Hey there everyone. I've stumbled across some great ideas for Christmas gifts if you haven't yet completed your list. This website has everything for a girl who loves guns. Wearing a gun necklace so you can always have a gun close to your heart seems like a good idea. Also, I'm sure there are people who would just love to "plant a gun" so in the warm weather, you can add some interest to your garden. A trigger handled mug and gun shaped blow dryer also seem like good fun. These items are all common sense things that every "girl" should own. 

You are too late if you wanted to get a photo of yourself or your family with Santa and a machine gun. A gun club in Scottsdale, AZ was offering several opportunities to have your family Christmas card photo taken. From the article:" "We thought it would be a fun, family-friendly idea," said Katie Perrine, who does marketing for the gun club that's off the Loop 101 at Raintree Boulevard. "Where else in the world can you get a picture with Santa and have a (Garwood) minigun in the background?"" Perfect, I say. Seriously everyone, Merry Christmas. 


  1. Thanks for posting the website link! The coffee mugs are a funny idea.

  2. Merry Christmas!

    I'm a little afraid to get anything on this list for my wife. The vacuum cleaner I bought last year didn't go over well at all. And the NRA membership I got her as an anniversary gift ... also did not rock her world ;-)

  3. That is the ugliest SKS I have ever seen!

  4. Vacuum cleaners for Christmas- not a good idea. Better make it something more personal this year!

  5. Come on, vacuum cleaners make a wonderful gift!

    As long as there is a note that the male spouse will use it to clean the house each week attached.

  6. My wife graduated with her Master's Degree last week - when I asked her what she wanted for Christmas...a Dyson! Her friends all think its a great gift, and we have had a good laugh at the PC implications of such a gift (a good laugh since we're pretty much a granola type family, without the drug use or body hair - http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=granola).

    Seeing as how we switch off the housekeeping duties, I thought it a fair gift! :)

  7. First, congratulations to your wife! Second, a Dyson is a great vacuum cleaner. Throw in something small for her personal use.

  8. Joan, what a great website!! Thanks for the link. I took my two nieces to the gun range on Saturday and they had a ball.

    I got my niece one of these, she loves it. http://www.thoseshirts.com/diversity.html

    We are probably going to Krav Maga training this evening. Its really good to see teenage girls and women getting involved in personal protection. The damage caused by easily preventable violent attacks against women is just too much to bear.

    I often see links on your site to www.snowflakesinhell.com and that too is a great resource. Here is another. Recently updated and should help keep all of your open minded and progressive readers focused on facts and policies that work.



  9. Anon- thanks for those links. I know about "snowflakesinhell". But the other one is useful since it will make a mockery of my facts and information and pretty much display the opposite "facts" from mine.