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Thursday, November 18, 2010

While I was away

Shootings did not take a vacation just because I was grieving for my mother and arranging her funeral. I know there will be some hard emotional times ahead but then I think about the victims of gunshot injuries and their families, and know what they will be facing. Here is just one of the many shootings that occurred in my absence from the blog. Shooting range shootings have been happening with increasing frequency and I have written about them before. Certainly, people are there to shoot their guns for practice and accuracy. But what goes wrong when actual people rather than imaginary targets get shot? And here was yet another accidental gun discharge involving a member of the military. " The Cleveland-based 252nd Military Police Company served a 10-month combat tour without a single casualty. But on Saturday night, Spc. Joshua Meeks of Whitwell accidentally shot himself in the head while cleaning a new 9 mm pistol." Oh dear.

This one is almost unbelievable in it's senselessness. What could possibly have gone through the mind of this Minnesota youth to shoot two innocent women after robbing the stores where they were working? I know I will make some of the gun guys mad when I say this but I will say it anyway. Without the gun, the women would likely be alive. It's a lot harder to kill someone with your bare hands and pretty unusual in a robbery. Guns make people feel powerful. Because he had the gun, he could demand the money or just about anything else. People are rightly very afraid when looking at the barrel of a gun pointed at them because they know how lethal guns are. It's that simple.

It's certainly hard to imagine, as this Philadelphia Enquirer editorial suggests, that this shooting was in any way justified or made any sense. " Friends and family of Grove, 31, are right to consider this a senseless shooting. After all, how could any poaching infraction be worth someone's life? But Grove's death had more to do with lax handgun rules and enforcement than any hunting dispute. " A conservation officer doing his job is now dead and another law enforcement officer lost his life because of someone who should not have a gun in the first place. Yet another hunter lost his life in Napa, California due to an accidental shooting by his own 11 year old son. How tragic. It happens that this is the 5th hunting fatality this season in California.

And here's a great idea. Guns and trucks go together apparently- at least in the eyes of a Florida used truck dealer who is offering a voucher for an AK 47 domestic version of the assault type rifle when buying a truck from him. Good deal for him. Bad deal for public safety, putting that many more assault type rifles into the hands of citizens who may or may not use them legally for whatever people use these type of guns.

So why do I write about these incidents anyway? These, by the way, are just a few of the many of which I am aware. The general public is not as aware as the people, like me, who work on preventing gun injuries and deaths. Without the facts and evidence, it's hard to make intelligent and reasonable decisions about issues that affect public health and safety. If there were no stories to tell, I wouldn't be writing a blog. It wouldn't be necessary. But, sadly, life in every day America includes the shooting deaths of 80 people, on average. Thirty-two of these are intentional homicides. The rest are due to suicides and accidental shootings. It just does not make common sense to ignore the every day evidence that too many people are losing their lives to gun injuries and too many friends and family members are grieving.


  1. The criminal who shot the conservation officer in Pennsylvania had a long history gun thievery. Enough to have put him away for a long time. Stealing guns and selling them to criminals is a felony in Pennsylvania and federally. If he had been prosecuted to the maximum extent of the law, he never would have been on the streets to shoot anyone, let alone a law enforcement officer.

  2. Welcome back japete. Good luck with the healing process.

    Sebastian is absolutely correct. If that young man had been kept in jail where he belongs this would not have happened.

    Also true is, if the legitimate gun owners would take better care of their guns and prevent them from flowing unabated into the criminal world, this would not have happened either.

    I say we start from the source and work down. Since criminals don't obey the laws, isn't it logical to attempt to legislate the law abiding in such a way as to prevent criminals from so easily getting guns from them?

  3. Mike why don't we start with enforcing the laws that are currently on the books. As you said this man would not have been on the streets if that happened.

  4. No Mike. Putting criminals in jail instead of letting them go is the FIRST thing that needs done. Trying to make MORE laws to make more criminals out of a law-abiding citizen who might later make a simple mistake of "not putting his gun in the safe" or whatever additional restrictions who wish to have, doesn't make COMMON SENSE. One would almost be demanded to ask the question, if you aren't going to enforce current law, why would you make more law? Because you plan on enforcing it against gun owners when you won't violent criminals? That tells a lot about who the real "enablers" are.

  5. Yes, Patrick, I say making "a simple mistake" like not putting your gun in the safe, or any other infraction of gun law which we now ignore or treat lightly, should result in forfeiture of gun rights. You see, I agree with you and Anthony, let's enforce the laws. You know what the results would be don't you? The stupid ones and the dangerous ones, the ones most likely to allow their guns to end up in criminal hands, would be disarmed and the world would be a better place. Isn't that what we all want? Or is your only interest in not being personally inconvenienced, damn the consequences.