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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Guns and babies

Wow- I am still not sure I saw this ad from a mail order catalog correctly! I mean, come on. What is this all about? Do people buy onesies for babies with a picture of a gun on the front of it? So "girls just want to have guns" is now a saying on a onesie for a baby? I'm speechless. Since I have grandchildren, I am trying to imagine one of them wearing anything like this. It is just not something my grown children would even consider for their own babies. Should we be concerned that Zazzle thought it appropriate to even offer this baby clothing for sale? Marketing guns to and for children is a bad idea on so many levels.

And just when I was thought that guns on baby clothing was a terrible idea, here is a story about a shooting death of a 7 week old baby. The shooter is not talking but let's hope this was an unintentional shooting. Just as I can't imagine the onesie, I can't imagine shooting an infant. In fact, the very thought of it makes me almost physically ill. I submit that having loaded guns accessible in homes where children live is a bad idea. I have read too many incidents of accidental shootings of and by children, and intentional homicides of children. And then, of course, are the suicides by gun, mostly of teen-aged children.

And sadly there is this story about a father who shot his two young daughters and then turned the gun on himself. These children were not infants but way too young to die by bullets shot from the gun of their own father. The father was obviously having some problems. Did he have to shoot the children? This one is beyond words and reason. How can we talk reasonably about the dangers and responsibility of having guns in the home? Way too often, the guns end up killing family members and sometimes young children.


  1. "Do people buy onesies for babies with a picture of a gun on the front of it?"

    Not really. I mean, not because they actually want baby clothes with guns. They actually buy them to irritate people like you.

  2. I am interested in what mail order catalog you saw a onesie that advertises for a website www.girlsjustwannahaveguns.com? I think there was a story about her in one of the NRA magazines maybe that is where you saw the website.

  3. That is the thing about Zazzle even you can make a t-shirt for sale there. I tried but your image was too small and I did not want to re-size it. I even saw a baby one that said "Republicans eat babies"

  4. Zazzle lets you make your own clothing. Strictly speaking they only offer blanks on which you can print and sell your own material. So that's not really Zazzle.com offering the clothing item, but someone who signed up on Zazzle and created it in their "store." Anyone could do it. You could go in and make one that says "Please don't let me play with guns," if you wanted.

  5. Thanks for that clarification, Sebastian. It doesn't change the idea much though does it? Some people think that one pictured is funny or cute.

  6. I'm not sure I understand your point. You have evidence that the two gentlemen you link to wore gun-logoed onesies as babies, therefore gun-logoed onesies are Very Bad Things?

  7. WHAT? I didn't understand anything you wrote there. What's your point?

  8. I think it's funny and cute.

    Would you rather little girls grew up to be helpless victims, Japete?

    Self-defense is a basic human right.

  9. That father and his children live only a short drive from my own house. My kids take martial arts classes with one of the victim's best friends. It is so extremely sad, and yet happens so often. It has spurred me into finally starting a gun-control chapter here in my city, with Ceasefire Oregon, and I have been in communication with Brady too. If any readers are from the Eugene, Oregon area, please join me.

    And may I add, that's a pitiful baby outfit!
    -- Baldr Odinson (nogundeaths@gmail.com)

  10. I will forward your comment to several people who can help you with a chapter. Thanks for the comment on this post. You sound like a reasonable person.