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Friday, September 24, 2010

Homicide Victims Awareness

Today is the National Day of Remembrance for Murder Victims. There will be activities in Washington D.C. including a wall of remembrance for the victims of homicide. I will remember my sister and the many people I have met during the course of my involvement in gun violence prevention who have lost loved ones to a gun. You may remember that I blogged about the percentage of overall deaths due to homicide in some age groups at the CDC website and the WISQARS report. In those same groups, firearms were attributed to the largest number of homicide deaths. There is no escaping that the largest percentage of homicides are from shootings. Here again, is the WISQARS report from 2007 for 10 leading causes of violent death by age category. Starting at age 5, homicide by firearm leads the other causes in each age bracket through age 64. Homicide by cutting/piercing is a distant second in each age group.

As I said, I know too many families who have lost someone to a gun homicide. I know some one whose son was beaten to death. She works with our group here in Minnesota recognizing that murder is most often related to guns. Take some time to remember these people. Then take some time to join in my cause. You can check out ways to be involved at the website or Facebook page of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence or Citizens for a Safer Minnesota. There are links to other organizations working on this issue on my blog home page along the right hand side. We welcome anyone who cares to join us.

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