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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Words can't say enough

Yesterday afternoon, I read some disturbing headlines from the Duluth News Tribune on my iPhone while traveling in the car. The headlines said, " Three found dead in Superior home". Superior is across Lake Superior by bridge about 15 minutes from my house so usually considered part of the same community. Why is it that as soon as there is such a headline, thoughts go immediately to a shooting? Maybe because it happens far too often.

This morning the story, here, fleshed out more details of yet another local tragic shooting. A young woman, about to give birth to her 2nd child is now dead along with her 13 month old daughter. At this time, it appears their lives were taken by a young Iraq Veteran who also then shot himself. There are hardly words for this incident so I won't add too many. A domestic murder. Senseless. A Veteran who taught a firearms self defense class and interested in hunting and fishing. He received a Purple Heart for an injury suffered during his tour of duty. From all accounts, he was involved in outdoor activities and doing things he loved to do. What went wrong?

The young woman was excited about the birth of her second child. She was looking forward to being back at work as a Cheerleading Coach at a Duluth High School where, coincidentally, I was a Cheerleading Advisor as a staff person at the school some years ago. I know how her untimely and senseless death will affect those young people. It will be a ripple affect moving outwards and outwards as the word gets out. There are just plain too many victims.


  1. reading your cell phone while driving? Sounds a lot more unsafe than carrying a gun while driving. In 2008 about 6,000 Americans died from distracted driving, while in 2004 (last year I can find numbers for) about 600 died of accidental gunfire.

    Please put your iphone down if you ever come up to Duluth, I don't want to die.

  2. I believe I said I was traveling in the car which is not the same as driving the car. I was writing about an intentional shooting which happens 32 times a day in our country- many more than the number of people you say die from distracted driving, which I was not doing. I hope you will consider actually commenting on what is in the post.