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Saturday, August 21, 2010

A new gun wrinkle

Just when you think you've heard it all, something else comes along to challenge conventional wisdom. In Texas, apparently anything goes, including a sign on a bank door welcoming people with concealed guns to come on in. There's a photo of the sign in this article, bearing the headline: "Bank encourages second amendment." Supporting the second amendment has gone from supporting a right to bear arms for self defense in the home to supporting the carrying of guns in all the wrong places. Guns in banks? Why not?

Do you have a picture in your head of your bank? I am just now conjuring mine up. It's on the bottom floor of a large multi-story building; there are large glass doors facing the building lobby. People are waiting in several lines to see tellers and others are sitting with bankers at the desks in the open area of the bank. Behind are some offices where customers go to transact more personal business. I'm sitting at one of the desks in the open area talking to a banker when a nicely dressed man walks in looking furtively around him. He waits his turn in line and then takes his concealed gun out of a holster around his waist and points it at the teller telling him softly that this is a robbery.

My back is towards the door so I don't see the robber. I have my gun in my purse. By the time I realize what's going on, his gun is out and a customer yells out a warning that there's a man with a gun. Oh no. What should I do? I'm pretty nervous and my hand is shaking. Should I take out my own gun now and try to stop the robbery in progress? If I miss, will I hit the teller? Will I hit one of the customers? Will the robber kill me? Why would I want to risk my own life for the money the burglar will take? I think of my children and my grandchildren. No, I've decided I would rather see them all again than take the chance that my heroics may not end well. So I stay still and quiet as the man has ordered us all to do.

But wait, a customer who had been standing in one of the teller lines decides to take his gun out of his holster and save the day. Unfortunately, the robber sees the movement to his side and he turns the gun on the man. Will he shoot him? Now what should I do? Just then the police arrive having been alerted by a hidden alarm button that a robbery is taking place. They rush in and see the customer with the gun. The police aren't sure who he is- maybe an accomplice? Now there are 2 people with guns in the bank lobby (my gun remains in my purse.) Who will the police suspect is the robber? The loud sound of a gun shot causes chaos and more shots are heard. How does this end? You decide.

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  1. The more people arm themselves the greater the level of violence will be.

    This bank will have to be robbed Jesse James style. How exciting.

    .45 Colt