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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

If I've told you once, I've told you a thousand times, "don't touch that gun, or that one, or that one either"

Well, irresponsibility is alive and well in Tarpon Springs, Florida. Just how many high powered guns does one man need? Apparently, this man didn't think his kids would find these guns hiding in plain site all over the house. Duh! He is being charged, as he should be, for his total abrigation of parental responsibility when his 6 year old son easily found one of these deadly weapons and shot a bullet through the abdomen of the 3 year old. When will we ever learn? This is a no-brainer. I mean, come on. Guns are deadly weapons. Guns in homes are more likely to shoot and injure or kill someone in the home than to be used in self defense. Evidence of this shows up in our newspapers every day. I have been blogging about such evidence for months now.

Try safe storage of guns. Yeah, I know. Kids still may find the guns. If you do your job as a parent, you will not store ammunition anywhere near the locked up guns. If you do your job, kids won't find the key to the gun safe. How hard is this to understand? If you don't do your job, incidents like the one in the linked article will happen, and don't think it can't happen to you. I suggest you practice some common sense if you own guns and have them in your home.

Check out the "Kids and Guns" brochure on the website of Protect Minnesota. You will find many helpful suggestions along with how to talk to kids about guns. Also, the PAX website and it's ASK Campaign is a great place to find out about asking friends, family and neighbors where your kids and teens may play and hang out about guns in the home. It would be no different from asking about pets if your child is allergic, or peanuts if your child has a severe peanut allergy. It's all about protecting the youngest Americans from danger.

If your state does not have a Child Access Prevention law, work for one. It is this law that will be used to prosecute the Florida father who so irresponsibly left loaded guns for his kids to "play with". Real guns are not toys, as adults should know. But here is what Daddy told his sons while he was cleaning his guns and handling them: " "He tells the children not to touch his toys, referring to his guns, and that he doesn't touch their toys," the documents say." " Kids, especially boys for some reason that I have not yet ascertained, love to play with toy guns. If they don't have a toy gun, they make one with their fingers, a stick, or whatever is handy. How will they know the difference at such a young age? How will young children understand that a real loaded gun will fire off a bullet when a trigger is pulled that can kill or injure someone?The adults need to teach children to stay away from guns when they see them anywhere. Until they are old enough to understand the consequences, they are not old enough to handle a deadly weapon. And they certainly won't understand the statement made above, for goodness sake.

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