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Monday, August 23, 2010

Guns and laundered money

Well. Who knew? Some American banks have been laundering money that comes from the drug trade in Mexico. And, of course, guns cannot be separated from the Mexican drug trade so what's this all about? I was surprised to read this article. Wachovia Bank ( owned by Wells Fargo) appears to have been the "middle man" for Mexican money transfer firms. Now I don't have to remind you that banks in this country have gone through a very uncertain time in this Recession and some have benefited from the government bail-out. So discretion being the better part of valor would be in order here. To benefit from the drug trade that has resulted in the murders of thousands of people in Mexico is just not right. The article from the New York Daily News.com ends with this quote from Mexican President Vincente Fox: " The Mexican people, Fox says, have paid too high a price for this war on drugs, while the gun dealers and bankers in the U.S. continue to make a killing."

Wow- those are strong words. The U.S. banks and gun dealers making a "killing" is almost literal in it's meaning. As I have said before, " follow the money." Illegal drugs are big business. Guns are big business. Many of them are illegal and sold knowingly to members of the drug cartel. What does it matter if someone is killed as long as the dealer can make a sale? Those are strong words but the question is out there. When gun dealers sell knowingly to those they know are involved in illegal activities, there is only one conclusion.

There's a lot of blame to go around. The Mexican government is having many problems, not the least of which is to deal with the drug cartel. The U.S. Government is seemingly turning it's back on the problem by not dealing with the illegal gun sales nor passing any sensible laws that would require background checks on all gun sales. Along with the thousands of legal dealers along the border, there are hundreds of gun shows where background checks are not required for all sales. And then there is the fact that the drug cartel loves those high powered assault type weapons, now legal to sell since the Federal Assault Weapons Ban was allowed to lapse in 2005. 

Lives could be saved if there was joint attention to the problem. Yes, there are a lot of pressing things going on in the world. This should be one of them.

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