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Friday, July 23, 2010

Yes, actually, guns DO shoot people and sometimes kill

I have never blogged twice in one day before. But the article linked here was so unbelievable that I was compelled to comment. I am getting tired of hearing the "gun guys" say that guns don't kill people. They surely do. In the last few weeks, I have read several instances of guns going off accidentally and either killing or injuring people. But this one is beyond the pale. Why does a young man coming to the hospital to visit his wife who had just had a baby need a concealed gun in his pocket? In the first place, hospitals are almost always, if not always, places where guns are not allowed. And yes, guns sometimes fall from pockets or purses and go off. When guns go off, bullets fly. In this case, bullet fragments flew around enough in the Emergency Room of this New Mexico hospital that six ( yes 6) people were injured.

When guns are carried absolutely everywhere, the type of accidental shooting that happened in New Mexico is bound to happen. It was inevitable that we would start to hear about more shootings in places where we have not usually heard of them. We have also heard about many more permit holders shooting others in homicides or accidents lately. A friend once told me that it takes about 8 years before the affects of permit to carry laws begin to emerge. I think we are at that point. In many states, permit to carry laws have been in affect now for longer than that but some states have passed their laws more recently. So as more states have been added to the list that allow people to carry guns around in public places, more states are seeing permit holders committing crimes. More guns simply do not make us safer. Please read this blog by Brady Campaign/Center V.P. Dennis Henigan. Henigan's thesis is that more guns do not equal less crime as the "gun guys" would have us believe. He's right. How have these folks gotten away with that argument for so long? There is so much evidence that they are wrong , that one wonders if anyone is paying attention.

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