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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I'm a gun control lobbyist!!

So now I am a "gun control lobbyist" as seen in this Star Tribune opinion piece written by Marshall Tanick, Minneapolis Attorney. I never thought of it that way before, but hey, if that's what he wants to call me, I'll be one. I have certainly worked long enough on this issue and spent enough time at the legislature and the halls of Congress to be one. Somehow, though, calling me a lobbyist has a different meaning than the very same folks from the NRA. You see, they are supported by a very large organization with lots of money and influence and actually send national lobbyists to State Capitols to do their dirty work. I, on the other hand, have no money and, and only the materials used to lobby elected leaders are funded by the organizations to which I belong.

In this article, Mr. Tanick says that both the NRA representative he names and me are wrong in saying that the recent McDonald ruling by the Supreme Court will not likely affect Minnesota gun laws. Here are the things he thinks will be challenged: the signs posted by business owners banning guns in their places of business; the church law suit that resulted in churches being able to ban guns from their houses of worship as well as parking lots; laws that take away gun rights from those who are charged and indicted for terroristic threats. Great. I'm sure those will be lauded by the public as good ideas. So let them give it a try. We will spend a lot of time and money fighting against these ridiculous attempts to have guns anywhere and carried by anyone who wants them. Will they then go after the background check system that has prohibited over 1.6 million people who shouldn't have guns from getting them? I know the public will want that one as well.

So yes, I will be a "gun control lobbyist" and fight against these wrongful attempts with the actual paid lobbyists from the NRA. We have won these battles before and we can win them now. Common sense(words they hate), logic and public opinion are on my side and always have been. Mr. Tanick has given his predictions. I will give mine: The gun lobby will go too far and "shoot themselves in the foot". They have tried 260 lawsuits since the Heller decision 2 years ago and none have gone anywhere. Wasteful use of time, energy and money. And while we are wasting that time, the shootings will continue and the deaths will add up. That is why I lobby.

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