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I hope this blog will provoke some thoughtful reflection about the issue of guns and gun violence. I am passionate about the issue and would love to change some misperceptions and the culture of gun violence in America by sharing with readers words, photos, videos and clips from articles to promote common sense about gun issues. Many of you will agree with me- some will not. I am only one person but one among many who think it's time to do something about this national problem. The views expressed by me in this blog do not represent any group with which I am associated but are rather my own personal opinions and thoughts.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

I rest my case

It's getting old but then, I've thought this before. Just another homicide committed at home between people who know each other- often relatives. A gun is available and a "problem" is solved by shooting people. Here now is the most recent shooting in St. Paul, Minnesota as chronicled in the Pioneer Press. A mother has a stroke and the family is already apparently in a dispute over the house. One man has been drinking too much. Alcohol and guns just plain do not mix. Family disputes and guns do not mix. Both of these too frequently lead otherwise "law-abiding" citizens to pull the trigger. Two more lives needlessly snuffed out. At least one more family affected by gun violence. Friends of the victims and the perpetrator forever changed. But life goes on in America as if this incident hadn't happened. It's a warm summer. People are enjoying the nice weather, a shooting being the furthest thought in their minds.

Shootings happen in every community and in places one would not expect. Last week, another senseless shooting happened in a Rosemount, Minnesota car wash, of all places. Why did the shooter with a severe Psychois and criminal record have a gun and where did he get it? If the gun had not been there, an angry confrontation over almost nothing would not have ended in an innocent man's death. This man is a prohibited purchaser so he couldn't have bought from a licensed dealer. Did he steal it? Did he get it from a friend? Did he buy it illegally on the street from a trafficker? Where would the trafficker get guns? Where do the guns come from? This is a question too infrequently asked. It needs to be asked and answered. "Yes, How many deaths will it take till he knows that too many people have died?" Bob Dylan's famous lyrics from "Blowin' in the Wind" still echo in today's culture of love of guns and shooting.

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