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Friday, July 23, 2010

How do kids get guns?

In my last blog, I said I couldn't wait to find out who the shooters of the 13 year old boy in the Minneapolis suburb of Brooklyn Park were. I suspected, and now am right, that they were other children. This article in today's Star Tribune, in fact, says that several boys were arrested for the shooting. This is way too common in America. Kids are shooting other kids. Luckily for this kid, he is still alive. Where and how do these kids get their guns? They are clearly not legal purchasers. Some come from their own homes and shame on parents for leaving guns out where kids can find them. Most kids know where the guns are in their homes. Or were they stolen? Or did they buy them illegally on the streets? Where do the street guns come from?

Until there is an outcry about this sort of shooting, nothing will be done to change our laws to at least attempt to stop the wrong people from easily getting guns. Why isn't there an outcry? Again, as I said in my last blog, the problem just seems too big to tackle. Well it's not. Things can change if we only have the courage to speak up and change them. If our elected leaders would listen to common sense and the majority, it would be a win-win situation for them. Instead, they listen to the gun lobby and it's a win-lose- a win for them since they are too afraid of the NRA to stand up for what's right. And a loss for us- for public safety and public health and for the lives of our children. Of course, it is not only children but this case points out that too many children have guns. Really folks, if these kids were injuring or killing each other with clubs, or with broken bottles, or if 8 children a day were dying from a wrongly labeled medication or a crib slat that was too widely spaced, the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the PTA, the League of Women Voters, the medical community and maybe law enforcement would be screaming about it. Oh, yes, that's right. These people are already asking for sensible gun laws. No one's listening.

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