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Sunday, July 25, 2010

guns and gun shows

Lately, I have been writing about how often the "gun guys" are wrong. If I've heard it once, I've heard it dozens of times. Crime guns don't come from gun shows. Then I hear that they come from the streets or from someone's car trunk. The person who says this often doesn't even think it through. Where did the street guns come from? Where did the guns in car trunks come from? Of course, these folks are just plain wrong because they don't want any laws to change. Somehow law abiding citizens will be affected by tightening up the background check requirements at gun shows to include all sellers- even those " occasional private sellers" or "collecters". Well, this article from the Milwaukee Journal is proof that crime guns do indeed come from gun shows. 

Two men have been charged for illegal gun sales. One for "bending the gun show loophole" and the other for selling guns to a felon. " Anderson told the informant that he had made $3,000 selling 10 guns at a recent show in Fond du Lac, and that he sells many guns at flea markets where he displays only rifles and shotguns, but where customers know he has handguns for sale in his truck."

Ah- he sold guns from his truck to people who knew he had them in his truck. I hope no one ever broke into the truck! Recently a friend told me about a small town parade she attended which had a flea market lining the streets. One of the tables was chock full of guns of all kinds. Do we think background checks were made at that table? 

So why continue with this illogical and false argument? The question deserves an answer that makes sense. If there isn't one, then our laws should be changed to stop felons and others who shouldn't have guns from easily getting them from dealers like the men in the article. Clearly the one man knew he was selling to felons. The other man selling at flea markets without background checks but selling certain guns from his truck also knew that what he was doing was illegal. Sometimes the private sellers don't know this but should think it through. If they say, as we have proof they do in several hidden camera videos: "no paperwork, out the door for cash, that's worth something" and other such lines, they must know there is a chance the buyer is not legal. But no matter. As long as the sale can happen, never mind about who is buying the gun. 

Today's heated political environment doesn't want to deal with guns. Too controversial- too hot- can't talk about it before an election. So when should we talk about it? After thousands more lives are taken due to a bullet? Let's just wait until we have another terrible mass shooting in a public place. Oh, I forgot, we already have and still didn't change the laws. No matter. As long as gun sales are booming, never mind who is getting killed and injured by guns.

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