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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Gun culture and morals

A friend of mine is wondering whether we are, indeed, experiencing immorality concerning guns where now anything that preserves perceived rights to bear arms is good and right. This turns the truth upside down. So when the NRA prevents the ATF from being able to monitor bad apple gun dealers by attempting to pass laws that would defund the activities of the ATF, that's O.K. because it keeps the guns flowing- even if to illegal buyers. Follow the money.

This ridiculously titled bill, " Reform and Firearms Modernization Act" ( H.R. 2296/ S. 941) is so named to fool legislators and the general public into thinking that the name actually does what it says it does. Nonsense!! If this is what "modernizing" firearms sales looks like, we can expect to see the very agency we need to be better funded and with an actual head, go further backwards.This bill would actually do the opposite of what it says by undermining the ATF's ability to shut down those "bad apple" gun dealers who knowingly sell guns to felons and other illegal purchasers.

And yet, lawmakers are fooled. Or are they? I suggest that they knowingly go along with the NRA to appear to be the friend of this powerful lobby so when election time rolls around, the NRA won't work against them. It looks bad to challenge the NRA but it doesn't look bad to vote against public safety and victims. Truth is stranger than fiction.The NRA is the largest lobby in the U.S. Congress and is a multi million dollar organization. It gives out thousands of dollars to law makers to keep itself in business and to ensure that gun dealers and manufacturers can sell their guns to whomever. If the right to bear arms is an inalienable right that trumps the rights of public safety and mocks the rights of victims, then it's wrong and immoral. They get away with it, however. Challenging the NRA is not politically correct. Where are the rights of victims?

Continuing their mockery of all things moral and right, in the name of same, Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck and Wayne LaPierre will hold a "rally" on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial on the anniversary of the famous speech given by Martin Luther King on August 28th, 1963. Paul Helmke, President of the Brady Campaign, writes eloquently about this latest blow to common sense in this article in the Huffington Post.  Helmke wonders out loud how these 3 major political figures can get away with the nonsense of claiming to have a rally on that day titled, " Restoring Honor". Whose honor needs restoring? The fact that both Martin Luther King and Abraham Lincoln were assasinated by guns is most likely not lost on these clever manipulators of the truth. I applaud the courage and boldness of Paul Helmke to call out what is surely a political sham dressed in sheep's clothing.

Remember the Second Amendment rallies earlier this summer on the Washington Mall and a park in Virginia, with people openly carrying guns. Though the gun carriers claim they do not have bad or violent intentions, how can we think that openly carrying guns at rallies is anything but threatening and bravado? It seems likely that some of the same tea party folks who listen to this trio of political figures will attend the "Restoring Honor" event on August 28th. Last August, remember, tea party folks came in angry droves to Town Hall meetings and issued threats and some even carried guns as they yelled about Health Care, of all things. Yes, we have a problem with Health Care. Gun deaths are a contributing factor to our health care problems, costing our system millions of dollars every year. Hypocrisy as far as the eye can see. Shame on us all if we give in to this nonsense and mockery.

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