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Monday, July 19, 2010

Don't loan your gun to a friend!

Common sense is not readily available when needed. CBS news reported on the tragic story of the North Dallas Mayor who shot her daughter and then herself in desperation over the loss of her husband and financial troubles. So another Mayor, friend of the victim, loaned her the gun. She only wanted to take a conceal and carry class and needed a gun. How good a friend was this man? If he knew anything at all about her, he would have known that she was not of a mind to have a gun around the house. What kind of a friend loans a gun to another friend? Would you ask questions of your friend? What do you want the gun for? Where will you keep it? Are you in any kind of trouble? Do you know how to use a gun?

When it comes to guns, assumptions are made. Friends are usually good people who are law abiding. We assume that the friend would never do anything dangerous with a gun. After all, she (he) is my friend. I would never do anything dangerous with a gun. Unless, of course, I was desperate or depressed or had problems with finances or my marriage. If a gun is there, would I use it? So if I had a friend who wanted to borrow my gun, a lethal weapon designed to kill, would I be so cavalier as to loan it to that friend not having answered all of these questions? I would hope that Mayor Franke, the friend of Mayor Peters who loaned her the gun, is doing some serious thinking about what happened. Though he has not been charged, I can't imagine that his life will be the same knowing that he loaned his gun to a friend who killed her daughter and herself with it.

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