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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dangerous and angry media chatter can lead to tragedy

So we almost had another mass shooting in our country. It was averted when a crazed man opened fire on police officers in California on his way to shoot up the offices of the Tides Foundation. Salon posted this article about the dangers of hate talk on the far right radio and T.V. shows. The Tides Foundation is a progressive group that has done nothing wrong but to be a progressive organization. Apparently they are all to be hated, according to Fox News' Glenn Beck who has consistently criticized and smeared the group on his radio and T.V. shows. What happens when people who are unstable mentally or are so angry with the left and President Obama and anything connected with him that they are incited to act on their anger? They sometimes act with guns. We have had some recent incidents of angry folks on the political far right either attempting violence or succeeding in taking lives.

Last week then, to continue, potential domestic terrorist and gun toting Byron Williams, after listening to just enough of Glenn Beck's diatribes about the Tides Foundation, decided he would bring his truck load of guns and ammunition to the California office of the Foundation and take care of these people once and for all for their crime of being a progressive organization that Glenn Beck loved to hate. "Luckily" for him, he was drinking while driving and attracted the attention of some law enforcement officers. And luckily for the folks at the Tides Foundation office, they are still alive to talk about how close they came to becoming the next mass shooting victims.

I strongly recommend that you read the above linked article in Salon. In the article, there is a list of other such domestic terror attacks. Also included in the article is a list of the ugly, angry, hateful violence prone rhetoric spewed out of the mouths of the likes of Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and some in the tea party movement. What will happen next? I blogged yesterday about the August 28th event on the Washington Mall that is sure to be a spectacle of anti-Obama rhetoric and allusions to Socialism, Communism, and Nazism that has been already used to rev up the anger of those who believe this nonsense. Already set to happen are billboards in states across the nation with very hyperbolic and hateful misleading messages sponsored by the tea party.  Who needs this? I guess if you are desperate and can't get your message out in the usual way, then you resort to such underhanded messaging. And if you are only interested in striking fear and hatred into the hearts and minds of your followers and potential followers, these are the tactics used. Beware America. We are on an unsustainable path if these messages are heeded by the wrong people.

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