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Monday, July 26, 2010

An answer to "How do kids get guns?"

A few days ago I asked, and partially answered, "where do kids get their guns?" This was in response to a shooting of a 13 year old by other teens in some sort of dispute. Isn't it perverse to think of kids shooting at each other? There is really something wrong when shooting incidents such as that in the Brooklyn Park suburb of Minneapolis happen. But happen they do. Again in Minnesota, and from today's Star Tribune, here is another incident of a child with a gun almost succeeding in a mass school shooting. The students and teachers of this Hastings, Minnesota middle school must still have bad dreams about how close they came to becoming victims of a troubled teen with a gun.

So the answer to the question of where this Minnesota teen got his gun is simple- from the home of his foster parents. He knew where the key to the gun cabinet was and he just took it. Easy. One does have to wonder what these foster parents were thinking- or more accurately, what they weren't thinking. Surely anyone with common sense understands that kids know where the guns in the home are stored and also know how to get them. Guns are weapons designed to kill and not to be cavalierly stored in homes. Great pains must be taken to make sure they are securely stored with the ammuntion in a separate place. The only reason a tragedy was averted was because the boy had the wrong kind of ammunition! Further, this boy was known to have problems which makes this situation worse. So let's get real and do something sensible to stop these type of shootings or almost shootings. Lives depend on it.

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