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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Slippery Slope

The gun lobby uses the term "slippery slope" to scare elected leaders and their members about passing any sensible gun laws. To them, any law that attempts to make it harder for the wrong people- felons, domestic abusers, dangerously mentally ill- to get guns will lead to gun confiscation. Stuff and nonsense!! That will never happen and they know it. But they continue to scare people with their rhetoric. As it turns out, the slippery slope is going the other way. More dangerous gun laws have been enacted in states across the country. This latest one, just passed in Arizona will allow just anyone to carry a gun in Arizona without a permit which means- no background check!

And while they were at it, the Arizona legislature also passed a new law that will allow any Arizona resident to purchase any type of gun that is made in Arizona, with no background check. Those home state felons and domestic abusers must be safer than the same felons and domestic abusers in other states where they are on the prohibited purchasers list. Perhaps a new sign at the state borders welcoming felons, domestic abusers and dangerously mentally ill people would be a good idea. Or better yet, perhaps a warning sign to anyone coming to Arizona: Welcome to Arizona where criminals can carry guns in public. Enter at your own risk.

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