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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Political bullets

As I was reading an article on Salon.com , the on-line web site, I noticed a comment posted by a reader, " But they'll know, when the bullet hits the bone ...". This was in reference to the article about Republican Senator David Vitter commenting on who he would support at the 2012 election, which was made at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference last night. In my blogging, I am not necessarily making political comments since I am writing about issues concerning gun violence. But it's hard not to make a reference to politics when a commenter to an article makes a threat like this. It is obvious that the person who wrote the comment hates President Obama and probably all Democrats.

I have written before about the threats of violence against political leaders. There is no place for such overt threats of gun violence. When hateful words turn into hateful actions, we have a potential national tragedy. As we all know, past political leaders have been assassinated by crazy people with guns. It can and does happen. We can't turn away from these threats. In this hostile and hyperbolic political atmosphere, it's time for some of the leaders themselves to step up and tell these ugly people to stop. It's time to stop fomenting violence with angry and threatening words. Words matter here.

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