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I hope this blog will provoke some thoughtful reflection about the issue of guns and gun violence. I am passionate about the issue and would love to change some misperceptions and the culture of gun violence in America by sharing with readers words, photos, videos and clips from articles to promote common sense about gun issues. Many of you will agree with me- some will not. I am only one person but one among many who think it's time to do something about this national problem. The views expressed by me in this blog do not represent any group with which I am associated but are rather my own personal opinions and thoughts.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Immune to Violence

On the way into the Easter week-end, my thoughts have turned to how, as a society, we can stop the very nature of human beings' tendency towards violence. Why is it that we tolerate a certain amount of violence towards others? Books and movies contain violent scenes, some of it gratuitous, some to make a point. But I have always thought that fiction mirrors real life. Since my own family has experienced violence I know this to be true. Most people go along never experiencing tragedy or violent actions and are surprised that it happens to others. How often do we hear neighbors or friends say the person who just shot someone seemed like such a nice guy? How often do communities wonder, after a mass shooting, how this could possibly happen in their own city? Unfortunately, it's all around us. Until we recognize this, we will not rise up to demand that it changes. Until we are willing to wake up from our complacency and propensity to deny the facts, we will continue to be immune to the violence all around us.

My wish for this Easter is that there be a moratorium on violence of all kinds. My hope is that there will be one day in our country when we can say there were no deaths by bullet. Since that has never happened, I do not hold out much hope for it this year. For guns are used daily to kill others, to commit suicide and in accidental preventable pulling of a trigger that results in an injury or a death. Since I happen to be a Christian, I will pray for those whose lives are affected by gun violence on Easter Sunday and on all Sundays. Faith communities world-wide espouse anti-violence and peace. Faith communities should, and often do, demand more action to assure that this happens. For prayer alone will not stop the violence.

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