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Monday, April 12, 2010

Home state guns

So now several states want to exclude background checks for sales of guns manufactured in that state if the purchaser is a resident. So that must mean that if you are a felon from Minnesota you can buy a gun made in Minnesota with no questions asked. Yikes!!! Here's what the states want: that federal gun laws cannot be imposed on any guns manufactured and sold within the state because the "inter-state commerce clause" that gives the federal government jurisdiction wouldn't apply to locally-made and sold guns. So, all any state would have to do to evade federal gun laws is set up their own arms manufacturing plant. Minnesota has its own gun makers.

To see what type of guns would be available to felons, domestic abusers and those who are dangerously mentally ill if this law passed in Minnesota, go to the website of Panther Arms, one of the largest manufacturers of AR15s in the world. These guns are manufactured in Minnesota. My guess is that most people do not know about this local business. They may know more than they want to if Minnesota decided to join in this craziness. And if not Minnesota, watch for this to come up in states all over the country. That is what the gun lobby wants. Again, it is the slippery slope.

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