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Monday, April 19, 2010

Enabling armed citizens

On this day, armed citizens will show their strength and muster to make threats against the government. Interestingly enough, as pointed out in this article in the Washington Post, it is because of the recently passed Credit Card reform bill that this is even possible. Yes, that's right, a credit card bill passed in Congress and signed by President Obama, allows loaded guns in our National Parks. The NRA showed their strength and muster by convincing a majority in Congress that carrying guns in our parks would not make a large difference; if they really wanted the credit card reform bill, guns in parks must be allowed. So listen up Representatives, Senators and President Obama, you are all partly responsible for this nonsense.

Though this is a minority of citizens, it is a scary and armed minority, angry and armed. Time will tell whether anything will come of their threats. But why do we allow this in a peaceful country not at war? When I looked at the photo accompanying the article, I noticed in particular one young man with an assault rifle strapped to his back. Why? You might see such a thing in Iraq or Sudan, but this is the U.S. What does this young man think will happen to him in the course of a day that he will need to shoot off this rifle? His days must be quite different from mine. When I go to the Mall or a park or the grocery store, I do not feel threatened. But if I start to see these guys with their loaded guns in those same places, I will. Is that what they want? They, of course, tell us that they will protect us in these public places. Who will protect us from them?

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