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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter week-end "picnic" with guns

Who wants to go to an Open Carry picnic on Easter week-end? Apparently, about 150 people thought this was a great idea in Vallejo, California. In spite of some protests, the gun carrying folks carried on with their guns openly carried in holsters while others in the park "enjoyed" their peace with their families. In what kind of world do people think there is danger lurking in public parks where families go for picnics? It is beyond me that anyone feels that unsafe in our parks. But now that we have a new law that allows people to have guns in our National Parks, thanks to our Congress, and the Open Carry folks challenging our previously peaceful public places with guns displayed for all to see, I feel less safe.

On this Easter Sunday, I would like to think that my just born grandson will not grow up in a world where everyone is so afraid of their own shadow that they think they need guns wherever they go. As long as the Open Carry people push the envelope and get away with it, that is the kind of world we will have. And then there will be no peace in the parks.

Happy Easter everyone.

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