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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Convoluted gun rights

I happened upon this article posted on a friend's Facebook page this morning. As I was reading it, I became more and more confused about what Andrew Horning, a scholar of the Indiana Policy Review Foundation and a Libertarian candidate for Indiana Governor, was saying about gun rights. See if you agree with me in this article written by Horner himself. Yes, there are state constitutions that proclaim the right to bear arms. Yes, the Supreme Court determined that the Second Amendment does actually mean that an individual has a right to own guns for self defense, though that has been debated for decades. So the libertarians among us don't want any restrictions placed on their perceived or actual rights. I suppose that means that they think just anyone should be able to have a gun just anywhere. I have argued this point with a local libertarian several times. It is a mystery to me that some people really think that no restrictions can be placed on their rights.

Whose rights trump whose? Do workers have a right to be safe in the work place from some angry person who has a beef with a boss or a fellow employee? Or does the right to have a gun on your person or in your car trump the right of workplace safety? As the NRA continues to push the envelope about gun laws, I sense a slippery slope towards rights trumping responsibilities. Who will be responsible if someone decides to grab their gun from their car in the parking lot and enter a work place to shoot someone over what could be solved in a peaceful way? And what are people afraid of in the work place that they think they may need their guns to protect themselves? Are they afraid that their bosses may attempt to tell them what to do or how to behave in the work place? Apparently there are dangers lurking in every corner that may require you to shoot someone. Be careful out there!

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