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Friday, April 23, 2010

The Art of Persuasion

Today and all week-end, I will be spending time at the Minnesota DFL Convention hoping to persuade a lot of people to support our gun show background check bill. Now you would think it's a no brainer to get Democrats to support such a bill. But you would be wrong. The rural Democrats think they are representing folks who would oppose this. Again, they would be wrong. At a recent hearing on the subject of the bill, I and several other speakers, had the gall to suggest that the Crime Victims Sub Committee members of the House Public Safety Committee should be in the position of supporting victims of violence and keeping the public safe from the same. But, again- wrong. One rural legisalator got his dander up and actually got red-faced while saying that he, of all people, had public safety in mind and to suggest otherwise was wrong. He was wrong. If he had truly wanted to represent his constituents, he would have voted in favor of our bill, which would not hurt anyone but the criminals, domestic abusers and those who are dangerously mentally ill.

"Wrong headedness" is what this is all about. Those who argue with us, and they do argue vociferously, are not representing the public. In Minnesota, in a poll by the University of Minnesota in 2005, 82% of Minnesotans were with us. That included rural, urban, Democrats, Republicans, gun owners, non gun owners, etc. But that very same legislator looked us in the eye and suggested that no one from his district could have been represented in the poll because he knew they would all be against this bill. Wrong again. He is not representing those who want common sense concerning guns. He is representing the all powerful gun lobby who have so far managed this debate to their advantage. Money and influence go a long way.

So today, I am ready for battle. I will hope to persuade the many rural Democrats who wander by our booth that they, too, should support common sense. It can be a hard sell but we are slowly making in roads with these people. Wish us luck. The booth is on a busy corner of the display area and we have lots of good information and petitions to sign. Plus, we are giving away chocolate. That should help. Chocolate can also go a long way to persuading people. It doesn't cost as much as an expensive lobbyist and it's good for the soul!

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