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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Talk and Load

Well, today I learned something new from a friend. There is now a gun that looks like a cell phone. It is on sale in Europe but has not yet hit the American market. It's just a matter of time, I'm sure. So, not to worry about Open Carry and guns in Starbucks. It doesn't take a lot of imagination to picture how this new gun could be used in public places- and even on airplanes. Why do the gun manufacturers want to make guns like this? Why do people want to buy guns like this? Those questions need to asked and answered. If we are willing to go so far as to disguise guns as cell phones, there must be an ulterior motive for hiding a gun in plain sight. This is the height of paranoia in my view. And with the political atmosphere as scary as it is right now, this is the last thing we need.

I hope you have been keeping up with the Starbucks and Open Carry issue. Yesterday's shareholder meeting resulted in several questions asked about the policy to allow people with openly carried guns in the Starbucks coffee shops. The CEO was under the mistaken notion that the guns carried openly are not loaded. He is wrong. That's only in California. In most states that allow guns openly carried, including my own state of Minnesota, the guns can be loaded. Doonesbury continues to take on this issue as well with some pretty funny commentary on how ridiculous this is. Check out his latest cartoon on my links to articles. Also check out the article about cell phone guns and the Starbucks shareholders meeting.

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  1. I believe the ATF has ruled cell guns as an AOW or Any Other Weapon. This is the same catagory as cane guns and such and will therefore be as regulated as machine guns. It is very unlikely that one will be found in the US anytime soon outside of LE circles if ever.

    As to open carry unloaded, the Starbucks CEO is daft. What use is an unloaded gun? For once I am in complete agreeance with you. I completely do not understand why someone would want to carry an unloaded weapon openly in public. Of course I dont want to make it illegal...like car underbody neon I dont think it should be illegal. Its just stupid.